Monday, July 18, 2011

Snaps: Happy Sad/Sad Happy

Whoa! My life has suddenly stepped on the gas. I definitely have some catching up to do in just about every area of my life, leaving me extra scatterbrained. But somewhere in this jumbled brain, I've been categorizing some of the happies and sads around here.

Happy: Our neighbors spontaneously came over with lots of delicious guacamole the other night. I devoured more than my fair share as we played games. So fun and so yum!

Sad: I bought overpriced avocados the very next day because we loooove guacamole at our house, and I wanted to try out my neighbor's recipe since all I ever do to guac is add chile powder and garlic salt. One of the ingredients to her recipe was green chiles. So, after I smashed a fortune's worth of avacados, I grabbed green chiles out of our cupboard. I opened the can and thought to myself...

These chiles are one yucky shade of green...

I brought them to my nose.

These don't smell like green chiles...

I inspected them further.

These don't look like green chiles.

But whatever. I dumped them in, thought about those above thoughts one more time and concluded that I just hadn't seen, smelled or eaten green chiles in awhile--apparently I'd simply forgotten what canned chiles are like.

So, I mixed them in good.

And then it occurred to me that perhaps they were bad green chiles. I went to the trash to retrieve the can, and sure enough I saw "Best Used By August 2007" laughing at me in the face. What a depressing waste. We were all salivating at the thought of guac on our fajitas that night, too.

Happy: After a guacomole-less dinner, we had a spontaneous family movie night and watched "Bolt." I shed a few tears and almost wanted a dog after watching this animated/pretend movie. *Almost. Oh, and the baby sat on my lap for almost the entire thing! Extra cuddles, yes please!

Sad: After the movie I went to the kitchen and found water all over the floor and bubbles climbing the cupboards, threatening to drown our kitchen. Somebody put dish soap in the dishwasher. (Me.) Oops.

Happy: The kids loved playing in the bubbles and actually cleaned it all up with the help of the sweetest husband on earth. Aside from laundering a mountain of towels the next day, I didn't have to lift a finger.

Sad: Will got a speeding ticket on our way home from our dinner date on Friday night because I had him so wrapped up in conversation that he stopped paying attention to how fast he was driving. Shame on me, and goodbye dear sweet $150, you will be sorely missed.

Happy: When the kids didn't respond to me after calling and calling them for dinner (happy part coming), it finally occurred to me to look out front. I stepped out the door and eventually spotted them sitting on our street corner talking to their friends who were sitting on their opposite street corner. It was the cutest thing ever and somehow made me feel like we were living in a different era. Barefoot kids trying to be as near to their friends as they can on a summer evening without their parents knowing is just adorably priceless, I think.


  1. Love your list of happy/sads and glad you took that last picture -- very sweet.

  2. Oh my goodness, love your happy/sads post! So so fun. You want a DOG?! ... ;) jk.
    And so sad about the guac. Sounds like I'm gonna need that recipe too ;)
    And that last picture is so adorable. So so candid! I love it!!! Miss you guys.

  3. That last image is just so so sweet :)

  4. this is so cute! that last picture is so funny!! and very sweet. I miss all of you guys! :)

  5. I love the Happy/Sad posts! It sounds like you've been super busy! Thats too bad about the guac and the ticket!! I love the first picture alot!! And the last one is super cute too :)

  6. Somehow I feel like we can expect this roller coaster for as long as we are mothers! Some moments are hot and some are cold. Together they make "warm" and I can live with that.

  7. How lovely that your life is well balanced. That picture really looked like it could have been from my mid-1960's childhood!

  8. Love posts like these once in awhile to show that you are not always "practically perfect in every way!"
    LOVE that last picture - so sweet!

  9. mmmmmmm guacamole.... Marie, shame on you for getting me all worked up for guac. I hope you'll be able to make another great batch soon.

  10. One of my favorite posts yet! I love that last photo. You are such a good mom. I probably would have overlooked the moment and just hustled them inside. You not only savored it, but took a photo of it!

  11. Too cute Marie. The funny thing is that I yell at my kids everytime I catch them at the corner, trying ever so hard to catch a glimpse of your kids (or your automobile, to see if you just so happen to be available for them to invite themselves over to play). :) We need to get together more!

  12. I don't know how I missed this post. I've been in my own la-la land the last couple of weeks. SO cute! I love that last picture, too. And who else's baby feet are those in that first picture? I LOVE it!

  13. So, so sad about the guacamole! I'm sorry Marie! Oh, and clearly we need to water our lawn more! But that is a super cute pic! I especially love Liam showing off his stuff! Tell him he needs to wait for Eden. :)




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