Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Snaps: I Slept Until 10:30AM!

This evening, as Will and I were packing up to go home from his parent's lake house, we looked at each other and had to agree that it was the perfect day--a perfect weekend, really. We had so much fun at the lake on Saturday, that after church on Sunday we got our things together to head back out again.

(The kids dressed up for church)

Can you blame us? This place is absolutely breathtaking. I go there and everything seems right in the world.

Straight away we made s'mores. Maggie is getting quite into it lately!


Of course, we watched the fireworks that go off every 4th of July out on the lake. I didn't get any pictures of the show because I was too busy snuggling up to Magson. Both he and Maggie fell asleep in our arms before the show even started, but I definitely didn't mind gazing at their eyelids and kissing their foreheads a million times.

But here is a picture of the aftershow. Every year Will's parent's floating dock is used as a launching pad for the fireworks. Below is the aftermath. I've never seen firework canister things up close before. I thought they were pretty cool lookin'.

I still can't get over this, but Magnolia slept in until 10:30am the next morning! This means that I slept in until 10:30am! She just barely started sleeping all night long, so I was flabbergasted! I'm pretty sure that the extra shut eye helped me enjoy this weekend even more!

All the kids spent some time in the pool, Maggie especially. She can now swim the length of the little lap pool! We are so proud.

Here are Grandpa Billy and Grandma Rise with the kids. I have the best, best inlaws ever. I'm serious. I don't know how I got so lucky.

A family shot in front of the "fireworks":

Afterwards, the kids got ice cream cones for being so cooperative...

Oh, and I wanted to mention Maggie's bonnet. Will's aunt made it! I think it is so cute. If you're interested in buying one, I can get you her info. She's an amazing seamstress.

Actually, we all got icecream cones for being cooperative. :)

Really. This was the best weekend ever. I loved every second, and I'm so thankful to be living in this grand land! Happy 4th of July!

See more of me looking like a human firework over at Notes She Wrote. :)


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend. Hooray for sleeping all night (and sleeping in)!

  2. this is just so cute! looks and sounds like the best 4th of July ever! I loved everyone's 4th of July outfits :)

  3. That house really is quite the getaway spot. I remember thinking last year at the party that if my in-law owned a place like that, I'd probably just move in for the summers!

  4. Oh my goodness, your weekend looked amazing. Beautiful pictures!! And I love your kiddos :) Happy 4th!

  5. Wow all those pictures are seriously so captivating! I wouldnt wanna leave that lake either! I love the one where you all are eating your ice cream cones! So cute!

  6. I love love love a sweet little sun kissed face. Magson is just such a doll!! They all are, but especially him in this post.=)

  7. Great pictures and family memories. (: I love your ruffle shirt in that last shot. Where did you get it? (not that it would look nearly as cute on me...you could make a t-shirt look stylish). (:

  8. I may be jealous of your weekend, Marie. That looks like such a peaceful place.

  9. what a precious family you have! glad yall had a wonderful 4th at the lake... such gorgeous photos!

  10. Lovely photos - you have a gorgeous family!! <3

  11. Your kids are so cute! I love their church outfits!

  12. Andria, I got that shirt at the P.O. Goodwill. :) Pretty much get all my clothes there these days. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

  13. between the first pic of the kids, the fireworks one or the one of them all on the dock, i don't know which is my favorite! that sounds like a perfect weekend, and you documented it so well in pictures!

  14. Your kids are a-dor-able! And I love these pictures! You really captured the weekend with them.

  15. Your kids are darling (and so are you)! Looks like you had a fantastic get away and you SLEPT! YAY!

  16. Oh my goodness. I could look at your photos all day. I just keep scrolling and scrolling. They are simply breathtaking!!

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  17. really awesome and beautiful pictures, thank you for your lovely comment :)

  18. Aww. These photos are so gorgeous. Your kids are adorable!! There is no doubt that these are images that you will treasure for many years to come!

  19. These pictures make me jealous I do not have a lake house to go to! Beautiful! And your family is adorable.






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