Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snaps: Something Sweet

The kids have been saying some of the sweetest and funniest things lately!

Maggie one night about a week ago: "I think Savannah is going to be at Kaitlyn's birthday party because they are best friends. I don't have a best friend. I wonder who my best friend is? Maybe it's that girl I met once at the park named Audrey. Maybe she's going to be my best friend."

(It surprised me that she didn't name a handful of girls off as her best friends because this girl has many girls she absolutely loves...)

Maggie this afternoon: "Mom!! I know who my best friend is! It's Magson!"

Magson about ten times a day in his best teasing voice: "I'm growing up, Mom! Hey Mom, I'm growing up!"

Maggie when I checked in on her the other night at bedtime: "I can't honk out, Mom. I keep trying to honk out, but I can't honk out."

Maggie to Baby Magnolia who snuck into Grandma's pantry on Sunday: "Girlfriend, you are making all kinds of messes!"

Magson just now in my bed (he's supposed to be in his bed sleeping): "Hey Mom, maybe you could sleep in Maggie's bed tonight, and Daddy could sleep in my bed tonight...that is a great idea."

(I guess his queen bed isn't big enough for all the growing up he's doing...he wants to cast us out and take over our king-sized bed.)

Magson a few minutes later: "I just love you, Mom."

All of the above melts. my. heart.

Anyway, above are some pictures I took of the kids mostly on Sunday. Magson really does look huge in that sleeping picture--he's like the length of the couch! Waaaah. The girls and I were matching, so I hopped in some too. Man, I love my little ones, and while I'm talking mushy, I can't tell you how much I love Will. He is always so willing to take pictures so I can be in some too, and whenever I ask him to help me watch the kids while I take pictures, he drops everything he's doing (even a really good book) and says something like, "You bet." I love that he loves me taking pictures. It's the sweetest thing. :)


  1. Yes. Very sweet! You have a beautiful family!!

  2. You are so beautiful, Marie. It's nice to see you in the pictures. However, it's painful to me that you refer to these lovely images as "snaps." It further reduces my pathetic attempts to photograph my family to the level of amateur cartoons.

  3. Are you sick of hearing that "Snaps" are my favorite yet? Although your latest date night addition on Notes She Wrote had me rolling with laughter (I read it while we were going on a "date" with our two kids...and Robyn...it counts if you put them both on her side of the table, right?) I love reading posts because I can almost hearing you saying everything out loud. You're babies quotes are adorable and the pictures are as breathtaking as always. The close up on Maggie and Mangolia at the piano are my favs this week. Thank you for sharing!

  4. ADORABLE! You definitely NEED to frame the one of baby playing the piano!!!! So precious!

  5. awww this is so so precious :) I laughed so hard at what the kiddos said!! I miss those guys!!
    and I LOVE the pictures! so beautiful! you children are little angels!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness!! They are so beautiful. And those things they say crack me UP! Wow. Magson is too cute. And Maggie about her best friend. HAHA! I need to hold her. And baby Magnolia playing the piano is sooo adorable. Wow. You are so inspring!

  7. I have to ditto everything Pam said. (I feel like I do that a lot!) And I love the garden in the outdoor shots. Heavenly!

  8. I LOvE the one of Magnolia and the piano. Looks blue ribbon worthy to me! SO sweet!

  9. so fun! It's like you live in a fairytale!

  10. your photography is so clear and crisp. great work!




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