Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In Love with Your Smile

I must sound like a broken record, introducing beautiful family after beautiful family, but what can I say? It's true! Another beautiful family very close to my heart. :) This is my cousin, Aleece, with her Australian hubby and kids. How can it be that we're all grown up? Seems like just yesterday that we were babies together...me the baldy, and Aleece with a full head of golden locks. But no worries, my hair finally came in... when I was two years old! haha Wish I had a picture of that to post for you guys--not. Did I just say "not?" :)

But I'm getting distracted...off to the pictures!

I don't think I've ever had a session with so many smiles. Miss you guys...


  1. Wow, gorgeous family & gorgeous photos! And, the little guy on the suitcase.......ADORABLE!!!

  2. Marie, you are AMAZING. Thanks you soooo much for taking time to take those pictures. I'm sure Aleece is LOVING THEM!!!

  3. Oh WOW! Those are amaaazing. I especially love the family shot of Aiden covering her eyes.. haha. So cute. And that last one of mommy and daughter? so gorgeous. You're incredible. This whole family is so beautiful!

  4. I love, love, love your work Marie! You are so talented.

  5. What a cute, sweet little family!

  6. Yep - another beautiful family! The pictures are stunning!

  7. I LOVED this photoshoot so much!! It's seriously so perfect! Those kids are so adorable and Jeremy and Aleece are so cute together :)




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