Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day: Florist Style

I remember anticipating my first Valentines Day with Will in 2004. We were engaged. But to my absolute dismay, as February 14th neared, I sensed he had no plans for celebrating the holiday of lo-ooooove. I was going to have to speak up--straight up PRY to make sure I wasn't going to feel like a fool when my fiance didn't do anything for me on Valentines Day. (So selfish and superficial-sounding, I know. )

"So, Will, what do ya wanna do for Valentines Day?" I asked.
"I don't know. What do you want to do?"
(I'm mildly flustered because I can tell he's given it no thought.)
"I don't know, but we should do
"Valentines Day has always been a work day for me... I don't really consider it a holiday," he said.

I didn't get it. Not one bit.
That was no excuse. So he worked on Valentines Day growing up in his family-owned flower business...big deal! Everyone works on Valentines Day. Determined to let him know that it was important to me to do something special on Valentines Day to celebrate us, I told him we didn't have to get each other gifts, but we could do something fun together every year on Valentines Day--start some sort of tradition. After tossing around some so-so ideas we decided that we would go to a dance every year. We debuted our idea at an 80s dance on campus and had a bombdigity time. Our tradition lived one year and then died, forgotten.

Skip ahead a few years... it's February of 2007.

Despite swearing he'd never grow up and work in the family business, Will's now working for Flowers to Go! He's in training to take over the business and it's stressful in a way that I'd never before understood, but I was finally about to understand. I got called in to the design center to help out at around 9pm on the 13th and worked until 4 or 5am. That's all it took. I understood. Valentines Day really was a work day and quite frankly, after arranging bouquet after bouquet, the last thing I wanted was a dozen roses for Valentines Day!

Because I've got the kids to take care of at home, I haven't been pulled into the design center since 2007, but Will working long hours has been the story of Vday ever since for us. And I LOVE him for it. I love him for all that hard work. I love that it kind of feels like he's Santa Claus, working around the clock to make sure every girl gets her flowers. 

Although I don't go in and help, I do try and bring everyone dinner on at least one of the nights. The kids love seeing their daddy and giving their grandparents a big kiss! They also love seeing so many flowers in one place. It really is so pretty and fragrant.

Here's my very tired Will doing his thing.

More gorgeous flowers in the cooler...

Back at home, we made Valentines for Maggie's kindergarten class... this idea I found on Our Best Bites.

Strawberry-flavored candied popcorn. Num. Num.

Here is Maggie's class singing a Valentines song for all the parents. Super cute.

She had two boys give her presents, which she loved. One boy gave her a box of chocolates and another gave her a stuffed dog that wiggles its ears and sings "I love you. I love you. Everyday, I love you!" Yes, this mush starts in Kindergarten. I couldn't believe it!

Even I got flowers! Thanks, babe.

Here is Maggie and her teacher who we all adore. I couldn't be happier with her first year as a schoolgirl. To say she loves it would be an understatement.

And Will still had energy to snuggle up and read Magson his bedtime story when he got home on Valentines Day. Today February 14th, in its own way, is truly special to me because even though Will's not around, I spend the time missing him and feeling so grateful for all he does for our family. Happy Valentines Day, everyone!


  1. Marie, this has got to be one of my favorite post of yours EVER! I enjoyed your words and your gorgeous pictures, too! TFS!

  2. Oh, I miss my Bella girl!! She looks so cute at school. And Will is such a hard worker - such a sweet post, Marie :)

  3. I loved this post! I know some people need lots of attention and flowers on V-day (and I'm sure Will and FTG are thankful for that), but I think appreciating those we love is the most important part. And really, we should be doing that 365. You are a great example to me of someone who truly treasures her family.

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  5. I love your Valentine history, and I love all the beautiful pictures too!

  6. I loved this too, as it seems did everyone! What a fun peek into what Will does, condensed into that big day!

  7. This is great! I especially love that Bella was mushed on by some boys in her class. Goodness, they DO start young! haha!

    The pictures are all beautiful!

  8. Sweet! I was thinking about you on Valentine's Day for this exact reason and was so excited when you texted me! Isn't it funny how holidays like this seemed SO important when we were newlyweds and now that we have a family it kind of revolves more around them? Maybe just because Valentine's was on a Tuesday this year and that's when our YM/YW night is so of course I'd never find a babysitter, so we had a Valentine's party with the kids and it was super fun. It was also lots of fun to make Valentine's with the kids for their friends. Maggie's were super cute! So ambitious! Call me sometime!

  9. how did I miss this post?! It never came up in my feed! Anyway, Happy vday last week! I like all the pictures you took of soo many flowers! I have to say I still love vday but this year was probably our least eventful so far haha :)




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