Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Lately

Photographers have a curse. At least, I do. It's hard for me not to edit snapshots! But it's also crazy time consuming to edit snapshots! So, what ends up happening is I take a lot of pictures that never make it onto this blog because (1) I don't have the time to edit every little picture and (2) because this is where I used to feature my Marie Photographie portraits, so I felt even my snapshots had to have a certain level of  awesomeness. Well, I'm finally changing things a bit! I'm putting together a separate Marie Photographie blog, which is very much still in the works, and this blog is going to be more of a family blog. So. There might be some great pictures. There might not. And that's okay. :)

So, life lately. As usual, there have been lots of playdates! Believe it or not, I do arrange for Liam to play with boys his age, but for some reason I haven't busted out the camera when they have come over lately. Darn. But he loves all the little girls we have over, too. Trampoline static. Gotta love these silly gooses.

Juliette is growing up! She loves playing with her kitchen stuff, toting babies around, reading herself books, getting into anything her big brother is playing with. Liam thinks she's trying to terrorize him, but they're learning to play really nicely together while Isabella is at school.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, our trampoline has been the best thing! Sometimes the kids have even snuck out on it when it's slushy wet from the snow. They can't get enough of it.

Isabella has an impeccable memory. She remembers everything, and she's often reminiscing in detail about her good old preschool days. She misses seeing all of her old friends, so one Saturday morning we had a few of them over. They had a ball, and yes, a mini-tea party was in order.

We also had one of her good friends over for dinner the other night. It was so fun to watching them all giddy about it and silliness was definitely the theme of the evening.

One of my favorite things about my kids right now is how well they all entertain themselves, and how well they (for the most part) play together. They are always dreaming up fun new things to do. On a sunny afternoon they decided they wanted to color on rocks outside. Oh, and Juliette always, always is sticking her tongue out like that whenever she's concentrating. I think it's so cute!

There have been too many painting projects to count! Oh, the mess! :)

Another favorite past time for them is getting out all the blankets and making forts. Here is one I thought was particularly creative as it involved the use of a cute umbrella. :)

What is childhood without playdough?

Aw, sweet girl. This is the face she always gives me when I tell her to look at the camera.

And now Liam is starting to do "the face" too!

We love our neighbors. I often have to pinch myself. I don't know how we got lucky enough to have the sweetest kids on the block.

Like I said, her tongue. Between that and her little pigtails, I think she is the cutest thing ever.

This month these two have birthdays! Here Liam is working on showing me four fingers. He wants a robot party and literally can't wait for March 24th! I'm excited for him. He's been talking about it for months!

I can't believe she's almost big enough to be in a big girl bed. I don't think we'll make that move anytime soon, but just the idea that she's almost two kinda kills me on a daily basis.

So, that's pretty much a wrap on pictures of the kiddos for now! Will and I are getting ready to go to Boston, New York and D.C. next week. I'm super excited for a little getaway with him and to see my brother, but it's not going to be easy to leave my little ones!


  1. I'm glad you're making this a family blog :) Loving all the photo updates. And she's almost 2, seriously? Man. Gotta get those kiddos their presents in the mail :) Two birthday's this month - so so fun!!

  2. I love your blog. Especially the family side of it. And I didn't comment on the Valentine's post but I loved it too! I'm kinda jealous you guys all live so close to have so many spontaneous or not so spontaneous playdates.

  3. Well, this looks just great. And your kids are beautiful! Also, I feel like a lame o mom reading it.=) Also, I wish we lived on your street.

  4. I'm glad you'll have both blogs - great idea! Loved this post. I can't believe that Magnolia is almost 2! Or that Magson is almost 4! Seriously, these years have gone by so quickly. I have to admit to the same jealousy as Mary. :) I hope you guys have a great time on your vacation!

  5. Love all the pictures . . . and hoping for LOTS more with the new blog. XOXO

  6. I love all your babies. They are so so cute. I miss them so much! And I'm so glad this is going to be family blog!! yay! :)

  7. I have the same jealousy as Mary and Courtney and I just live around the corner! It's so convenient to have fun neighbors within walking distance I bet. I'm excited about your new blog! I can't wait to see all of yOur fun family pics!

  8. I want spontaneous neighbor playdate friends, too!! I get all jealous just thinking about it.
    I'm also jealous about the getting away trip. That sounds super fun.
    And yes, I cannot believe the babies are going to be 2. We just had those babies!

  9. I love all of these pictures! Your kids (and the neighbors) are all gorgeous!

    Have so much fun on your trip!!!

  10. Just spent over an hour catching up on your blog. What a grate hour :)! So fun hearing all about what has been going on. Your kids are so precious! I can't get over how big they all are. Miss you. Shannon

  11. Just spent over an hour catching up on your blog. What a grate hour :)! So fun hearing all about what has been going on. Your kids are so precious! I can't get over how big they all are. Miss you. Shannon




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