Sunday, April 1, 2012

Robot Party

Our boy is a big four-year-old! This was his first real friend party, and I was super excited when he told me he wanted it to be a robot one, especially after I went searching for ideas on Pinterest. How ever did I plan parties without it?

I think my favorite part of the whole party-planning experience was watching Will and Liam make the robots--Liam was in heaven, and Will is simply the sweetest dad ever to make eight robot costumes for everyone. We forgot to send them home with the boys, though! Gah.

At the last minute, I decided to make paper bow-ties so that the kids could play "pin-the-bow-tie-on-the- robot." I didn't find this idea on Pinterest, which is probably why it was kind of a flop. Liam didn't even want to play, and Will looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I wanted him to be the robot. Oh well, a few of the kids got into it!

And I think all of us adults got a good chuckle out of watching Will. What a great sport.

Next, the boys all played outside while I assembled their robot lunches. I was really happy with how they turned out, and the kids loved them!

My good friend Misty told me that we could open their present early if the kids needed something to do, and it really was such a life-saver to pull out this big robot coloring sheet she made Liam. I'd say aside from jumping on the trampoline, his number-one past time is coloring. He spent a good 20 minutes coloring away!

Here's the best picture I could get of Liam in his get-up. I had to bribe him with opening presents next to get him to suit up again. They're not the most comfy costumes in the world, but oh well. It made for some fun pictures, anyway!

All of our cute party guests. What a great group of kids!

We almost ran out of time for birthday cake!

We had to amputate a good chunk of the cake because of this clip (something I'm sure we won't soon forget--yuck!):

And lastly, here's Liam opening his gift from my parents. What boy wouldn't light up to a flashlight and a storybook that helps you make shadows on the wall?

It was a great day of celebrating our favorite little boy in the world. We love you, Liam!


  1. Happy Birthday, Handsome Boy! That looks like the perfect robot party. And I especially like the group picture with Will in the back in his costume -- unforgettable!

  2. sooo cuuteee!! :D and happy birthday to him!

  3. Oh man Marie, I just laughed SO hard at that group picture. At first you don't even notice Will, but then there he is all dressed up as a robot with a million bowties all over him. Gosh, best group shot. EVER! And Liam is one cute robot himself :) So glad it was such a great party. And that bunting? Soooo adorable. It matches your walls so well too! I love it

  4. K that's the coolest party ever for Magson's age!! Now I kinda feel bad I didn't get the guts to do a friend party for Carter. We went to a jumping place with family instead. Maybe I'll copy and do a robot party next year :)
    It all turned out so cute and clever! I need to start checking out pinterest. Does Magson suddenly seem like such a big boy to you? Ever since Carter turned 4 it seems like his tantrums have lessened and he seems so grown up and wanting to big things. It's pretty cute. I have to agree with Emma that group shot is hilarious with Will in the background!! I'll have to show that to Jaran, he'll get a good laugh :) Good job on the cake too! Look at you!

  5. oh my gosh!! cutest party theme EVER!!!!! He looks so absolutely adorable! I love all the robot costumes :) And I agree with Emma, that last picture made me laugh so hard! Will is the best dad ever! :)

  6. Aw that is such a fun birthday party idea!!! Looks like it was a blast! He is so adorable, and thats crazy that he is 4!! That sounds so much older than 3 for some reason :) Happy birthday, handsome boy!

  7. Tyler had a blast...and that group picture cracks me up, too. I had to go back and look at it after reading the comments to look at Will! haha! You know, because the first time I looked at it I just noticed MY son who was the only uncooperative one. That is how he spends a good portion of his day though - with his hands over his face!

    You are clever, and I'm glad you amputated part of the cake. Haha!!!! Who ever came up with blowing out candles anyway? =)




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