Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Birthday Girl!

I am so in love with the years my kids are ages one and two. Don't get me wrong, I love them dearly at any age, but this age is just magical to me. And sweet Juliette is no exception. She has us so wrapped up in her! All of us. I really don't know how we ever survived without her.  She brings so much love into our home.

And yes, having birthdays back-to-back is sort of exhausting! And we've only just begun! We kept things pretty low-key on her big day. We had our neighbors and Will's parents over to sing to her and open presents. It was a lovely evening!

It was also a very rainy day! Prior to the evening festivities, we donned our rain gear and braved the weather for a trip to  McDonalds for lunch. Every kid's dream, right? I never take my kids there, so they were in heaven!

We came home and I made a toffee crunch cake, and then we went out to dinner with Will's parents. It may as well have been my birthday--chocolate cake, no cooking! Hip! Hip! :)

I always try to get a picture of my kids opening their presents from Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Tracy in faraway Germany, since they can't get in on the festivities live.

And I always love seeing what gifts my mom comes up with! Juliette loved her new matching jammies--a pair for her, and a mini-me pair for her baby doll.

Lastly, I wanted to post a bit about the family birthday dinner we had for both kids. We are lucky enough to live near most of Will's family, who I adore! They are so sweet to come cram in our little house and celebrate with us. It's always a fun time, and I love that they have the tradition of having a big family birthday dinner for everyone in the family. It's wonderful!

Grandma Rise was so sweet to make the kids' each one of her famous ice cream cakes. So, sooo, so yummy! They all helped her decorate them, and then it was fun to sing "Happy Birthday" twice!

One of the kids, I can't remember which, asked if it was Christmas!

There were definitely lots of presents and lots of love that night!

Happy birthday, beautiful!


  1. Oh Marie, she really is so beautiful! I can not stop squealing over those little lacy baby leggings! What a beautiful capture of her day and gorgeous photos of the whole family time together. The ones where Magnolia is feeding her baby with matching PJ's and then the last one with great grandma,you make me want to buy a better camera and take a few classes!

  2. Oh, happy birthday gorgeous :) Her frilly leggings are so adorable. And her little matchin baby doll is so cute :) mom does always give the best gifts.
    Looks like she had a perfect birthday!

  3. So cute Marie. I love her purple leggings. Those are just too cute. Looks like fun birthdays at your house. She reminds me so much of Fiona it's CRAZY!!

  4. Happy birthday sweet Juliette!! I love her leggings too!! she looked absolutely adorable! looks like it was a perfect little party! :)

  5. Yum!! Now I am craving one of Rise's delicious ice cream cakes! haha. I love her little night gown! That is so adorable! Looks like you guys had a fun party week! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  6. Love all the birthday pictures. Looks like a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!




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