Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Birthday Bash

It's like I turned 30 years old and forgot how to blog. I've sat down to post so many times, but have felt overwhelmed at the thought. Is it weird that my 30th birthday brought on a lot of pondering about my life? So much pondering that I can't seem to write about it! I'm not worried, though. It will come. Part of the problem is my 30th birthday was so full and I felt so loved, and surprised. Yes, there was a surprise party involved. :)

My main birthday present, though, was a trip down to UT where I met up with my mom and sisters to watch my mom graduate. It was the best birthday present ever! I'll have to get into more of that trip another time, but while I'm on the topic of birthday presents, we celebrated my Grandma Kay's birthday while I was down there, and watching her and my grandpa open a very special gift is something I'll always remember. How could I forget the look of their sweet faces, so in love? 

Here they are opening the present. 

After it was opened, one of my uncles held it up for them to see...

Needless to say, they loved it! This gift was my cousin Casey's idea, so of course, Grandma Kay wanted a hug and kiss from him. I love this picture.

And by now you're probably anxious to see the gift--an old photo of them on their wedding day, restored and printed beautifully. They are so young and in love.

Some things never change. I meant to ask them if they'd ever even seen this picture before. You could tell that it meant the world to them to have this treasure.

On a side note, here is a picture of my sisters and I kissing grandpa along with a photo of everyone who made it to Grandma's birthday bash. It was like a mini family reunion, and I am so thankful I could be there. I only wish Will and the kids could have been there with me because it was such a good, good day.


  1. I love these pictures, Marie! And I wish I had a copy of G&G's wedding photo. So sweet.

  2. Those pictures are priceless. And so heartwarming. I'm so glad you captured the moment.

  3. These pictures are amazing Marie!! You captured it so perfectly! I almost feel like I was there!
    Because WHERE WAS I WHEN THEY OPENED THAT PRESENT?! I didn't even know there was a present to be opened!! I feel bad that I was at this little party and that I wasn't there to witness all of this! I must've been chasing Cole or something...geez. I'm glad you caught it on camera though! :)

  4. The look on your grandpa's face was so sweet.=)

  5. Aww this made me tear up! They are so sweet and humble and you can tell that even by just by looking at them in these photos! What a sweet present. Sounds like it was a wonderful day and I am so glad you had a great 30th birthday! :)

  6. I got to meet your grandparents once. What sweet people and the pictures you caught - my word you have a talent! What a sweet, thoughtful gift and a fun weekend.




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