Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just wanted to post some random pictures of my sweet JuJu. Her hair has been growing lately--long enough for some fun side braids, even. And I think I'm going to start growing out her bangs. I've never been a huge fan of bangs, but she pulls it off with her big blue eyes and super blond hair. Plus I always feel like it's a bit tricky growing hair out for the first time, so for awhile it was just bangs by default. But it's really starting to thicken up, so it'll be fun to see how she looks with no bangs and longer hair. Oh, and she always sits super still when I do her hair and when I paint her nails. Yay for another girly girl in the house.

And she's sure into everything! Several weeks ago I found her getting into the powdered sugar, so I cleaned her up and sent her to play outside, where minutes later I found her eating dirt. I had no idea dirt was right up there with powdered sugar. Silly goose.

She and Liam are buds in the morning while Isabella is at school. They usually watch some shows together while I shower and get ready for the day. Liam is always so sweet trying to put his arm around her. Sometimes she doesn't like that, but most of the time they are snuggled up together on the same chair. I have to say, Liam is such a good big brother to her. That's one of the things I love most about him. Will and I often talk about it at night. It warms our heart to see him look after her.

But it's definitely not all snuggles around here, they do their fair share of getting in each others' way, too. I'm pretty sure in this next photo she was saying something along the lines of, "EEE-UM! Stop it!"

And that last picture on the right is the look Juliette gives me all day long. It's like she thinks she's the baby or something. :)


  1. Haha. Annabelle is sitting here saying: JuJu! JuJu! JuJu! (I think she liked their chat this morning) ;) Those pictures are all so cute. Especially the one of her and Liam snuggling :)

  2. What a little sweetheart! She's adorable and looks so much like her daddy, I can't believe it. I love these "just because" posts.

  3. she is so cute. I love the last picture on the left where you can't see her face under the hat while pushing the cart. TOO cute

  4. Oh, do I have a soft spot in my heart for that little munchkin!

  5. that last face of hers is SO FunnY!!!!! She is just too adorable. I wish I could snuggle her. She is a doll :)

  6. I love her too! Every single picture is adorable!




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