Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, Liam...

My mom has a little journal full of funny one-liners us kids used to say when we were little. Kids really do say/do the darndest things! I keep meaning to put together something like that because there are definitely one-liners to be had around here!

I'll share the latest and greatest. We had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago. After eating, my friend and I were talking on the couch when out of nowhere (nowhere!), Liam, who is sitting right next to my friend, says, "I'm going to lick my feet!" And then proceeds to start licking. I couldn't have flown to his end of the couch quick enough to stop him. Pretty embarrassing. After I got him to stop doing that, my friend and I continued chatting, but even though we tried to change the topic, she couldn't stop smiling/laughing about it. "Sorry," she said, "that was just really funny." Yes, yes it was. Funny and horrible.

On a more horrible note, Liam gave us a pretty good scare about a week ago.

Last Tuesday evening I was busy packing up pillows and blankets into our van for a movie night I was going to have with some of the Young Women at church. I probably made three trips to and from the car to load up my stuff, and then I wished my family a quick goodbye and was off to pick up a girl in our neighborhood to take her to the activity. We chatted the whole way there, and then unloaded the pillows and blankets and went into the church.

After about 15 or so minutes into the activity, Brother Joe Thorley came up to me, holding a sippy cup, and very non-chalantly says to me, almost under his breath, "Missing child #2?"

Huh? I didn't understand. Maybe he was looking for the child missing the sippy cup. Maybe he was talking about a kid having a #2 accident. Before I could ask he was gone.

About five or ten minutes later he comes back in the room holding a boy wrapped up in a very familiar blanket, with very familiar brown legs dangling. When he turns him around, it's Liam wearing nothing but his swimming suit. No shoes, no shirt. Just Liam, swim trunks, and a sheepish face.

What in the world? How did he get here? What? I was so confused. Turns out he hid in the van and decided to lay low and just hang out in there. (By the way, it was pretty warm out that day, so I'm extremely grateful we found him sooner than later.)

And Poor Will was searching frantically for him back home. Calling everyone he knew, looking all over the neighborhood. Isabella was actually the one that thought he might have hid in the car, so Will called me, but I don't have reception at the church, and so he called Joe who was on his way to the church and asked him to see if Liam was with me. Joe didn't want to freak me out, so he casually asked if I was missing child #2, and when he didn't see Liam with me, he called Will back and said there was no sign of Liam. Will told him to check the van, and sure enough, Liam was in there, still laying low. I still can't believe he didn't make a peep when we were driving to the church. He's so silly most of the time, it seems like he would have popped up and said, "Hi, Mommy!"

Crazy I tell you! I'm just glad he was okay, and despite the fact that he got to watch a movie and eat popcorn and licorice with us girls, he did get multiple lectures about how that was NOT OKAY, so hopefully nothing of the sort will ever happen again. No more feet licking and definitely no more hiding out in the van allowed in this family. Ever!


  1. Oh man. Funny crazy boy!! And that first story made me laugh out loud!!

  2. Oh boy! There's nothing like a clever little one giving your some scares. So glad he is safe and sound.

  3. He is such a cute boy! I would have laughed out loud at him licking his feet too. The second story, however, nearly gave me a heart attack! Scary!! I'm so glad Joe played it cool and didn't worry you.

  4. Oh my gosh. That's hilarious and yet, could have been SO bad and scary! Poor you! I'm glad all is well!

  5. This is funny and scary all at the same time! I'm glad that he was ok :)

  6. Oh goodness! Liam is hilarious! I'm glad you guys found him

  7. I felt so bad for Will! To have a child missing for a good 30 minutes must have been more than terrifying. I've freaked out by five minutes before when one of my kids have gone missing. Poor Will!

    As for licking feet? I guess he's building a better immune system?

  8. Wow Marie! That is a crazy stunt that Liam pulled on you guys. I agree with the others--I can't imagine how frantic Will must have been and I'm glad that Joe was calm when he approached you. I'm glad that it turned out okay. What a funny boy!

  9. Ah! That is so crazy! I cant believe he hid in your car and didnt even say a word!! Man, he is a funny boy... and that thing about him licking his feet made me laugh too! I can only imagine your reaction! haha :)

  10. Oh man, that would be so scary! I am glad it turned out okay. gotta love them!

  11. I'd pay $ to see the expression on his face as he was turned around in his unveiling!




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