Sunday, June 24, 2012

30 Rocks

I've had some weird aversion to putting together my birthday post this year. Maybe I'm in denial. Maybe there aren't any pictures. Maybe I'm just so busy, I can't keep up! Whatever the case, it has come and gone! But before I forget, here are some things I want to remember about my big day:

1. On the eve of my birthday, my sweet Will (with the help of my friend, Terrilee) threw me a surprise bash! There were so many people that came to wish me a happy day, and after the shock wore off, I truly enjoyed the evening. I have so many dear friends in my life and I'm grateful for every single one. Thank you, Will! Thank you, friends! I'm sad there are no pictures, but it is what is. (And honestly, it probably would have looked as horrendous as the picture taken at my last surprise birthday party when I was twelve, so ya know, I'm not that sad about it.)

2. Two of my friends brought me a vase with thirty rocks in it... I thought that was clever and cute. And so far, I must agree-- 30 rocks! I got all sorts of fun gifts, including homemade bread and a giant bag of chocolate chips! Another friend wrote me the sweetest card about how much she loves her thirties. Up until that point I wasn't really excited about this birthday, but her words seriously changed my attitude. Bring it, 30! I own you.

3. One friend gave me flowery reading glasses, a shower cap (just like the one I already have!), bright lipstick and a pill dispenser. It was a total old-lady gag gift, but I didn't catch on. The only piece of the present I was a little puzzled about was the pill dispenser. The rest I was honestly excited about! I wrote her a heartfelt thank-you and then she broke it to me. We laughed a lot about that.

4. I had two cheesecakes. One at the family birthday dinner my awesome mother-in-law always puts together, and one at the surprise party. I LOVE cheesecake. She also watched the kids so Will and I could go on a birthday date... I always look forward to those. :)

5. My big present was a trip to UT to watch my mom graduate and have girl time with her, my Grandma Minnie, and all three of my sisters. It was the best! And I got showered with gifts and love while I was down there, too.

6. For weeks and weeks prior to my birthday, I couldn't find my glasses. I have contacts that I wear during the day, but I was really missing my glasses at night because it's always nice to take a break from wearing contacts. I looked everywhere for those spectacles, and was pretty bummed that they were nowhere to be found. But on my birthday, I found them! Guess where? Right where they belong. Yep, inside my glasses case, inside my bathroom drawer...where I always keep them! Somebody explain to me how I can look inside my glasses case (at least five times) and not find them until I look the sixth time. Birthday magic, I guess! Actually, it was an answer to prayer, and I'm so grateful to be back to my four-eyed geek ways.

7. Will gave me the most beautiful bouquet! I loved, loved it.

8-30. All the things I'm forgetting. But I'm happy to blame my forgetfulness on my age. Thirty really is the best.


  1. 30 does rock! I'm glad you found your glasses. Your flowers were gorgeous. Your mom is beautiful. I'm glad you had a happy birthday! You are one of my favorite people.

  2. Happy 30th birthday Marie!! I love those pictures of mom graduating. They're perfect! :)

  3. Oh, I forgot about the pictures of mom's graduation!! That was so fun :) And I can't WAIT to be 30..... ;) Hehe. JK. But I mean if everything goes according to planned I could be done having kids by then, so yeah. 30 could be great :) Hehe.
    So glad you had such a great 30th!! And that you chose to come to UT to celebrate it with us :) I love you!!

  4. Ok I'm glad you're so enthusiastic about being 30!!! That makes me happy and excited!! We still never did do a girl thing for the last year of our 20's, so I'm glad 30 isn't all so bad ;) Glad you had such a nice birthday and could come to UT. And I'm glad I got to see you, even for just a minute.
    Magnolia is looking so much like Maggie...are we still doing code names? All your pictures made me miss you guys! I hope to get our families together again soon. Can you believe our girls are not in kindergarten anymore?? SO bittersweet! What sweet girls they are!




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