Sunday, June 3, 2012

Broken Elbow

I've never had a broken bone. Will's never had a broken bone. Doesn't it seem like my children should never have any broken bones? I wish it worked that way. Neither of our parents ever had a trampoline, though, and we do, so we were pretty much doomed. I was still hoping we could dodge the seemingly inevitable! But sadly enough, Juliette fell off our trampoline last night and broke her elbow. I feel so, so sorry for her, and guilty that it happened in the first place. I should've been watching her better. I still can't believe that my baby is going to have to get a big fat cast later this week. Gah.

So here's what happened: earlier yesterday morning I caught her walking around the trampoline on the outside of the netting several times. I'd get her down as soon as I'd see it happening, and give her a little scolding, but she kept doing it again and again. In the afternoon, we moved the trampoline to the far side of the yard so that Will could mow the lawn, which is all great, except I can't see the kids as well when the tramp isn't right next to the house.

Anyway, as is usually the routine, the kids were out jumping while I was making dinner. I guess they were playing "doggies" and Liam was trying to get the girls. Juliette unzipped the netting and started walking around the edge, Isabella followed her to get her down. Meanwhile, Liam was on the trampoline very much still playing "doggies." Nobody really saw what happened very well (I certainly didn't), but Juliette got knocked off and landed on her stomach. Bella jumped down to get her and started carrying her to the house. I ran out there when I heard her crying. She was covered in dirt and bark and slivers, so I brought her inside and brushed her off as best I could. But she seemed pretty upset, so I paced the kitchen with her, trying to comfort her, but she wouldn't stop crying.

Before long, I noticed she was holding her arm. Will called a nurse, who had us do different things with Juliette, one of which was lift her arm. She immediately shrieked when we lifted it high, so we knew something was up. This was all happening just as dinner was coming out of the oven, but instead of eat dinner, Will gave her a sweet blessing, we packed up the car and went to Urgent Care. I grabbed a couple of bananas to hold us over until we got home, but I should've grabbed more food. We didn't get home until after 9pm sometime. Luckily the nurses had some OJ and crackers. Many tears and X-rays later we brought her home with her arm wrapped up in a sling.

We still don't really know how bad the break is. We're supposed to call an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning so she can get into a cast as soon as the swelling goes down. The doctor didn't think surgery would be needed, but I about died when I heard the word "surgery" even brought up. But anyway, she'll get casted up, probably from her shoulder to her wrist. I'm anxious to know how long she will be in a cast. I keep getting teary about this whole thing. I know it's just a broken bone and it will heal, but it's so hard to see her in pain, and uncomfortable, and not herself. She's been doing a lot of laying down, and it's her right arm, so she's having to figure out how to do things without her good arm. It doesn't help that she's at that age where she wants to do everything by herself. She's definitely had a few melt downs out of frustration.

But she's still showing lots of smiles here and there, too. In fact, even at Urgent Care last night, if you'd ask her about playing doggies on the trampoline, she'd light up with a huge smile, and tell us all about how "Eeee-um (Liam) was a doggie on the trampween." She acted like she remembered it fondly. That's my sweetheart.

I snuck in her room and took a picture of her finally sleeping last night. She made it half way through the night and then came into our bed. Sigh. Heal up, cutie pie! We love you!

PS. Will just informed me I was wrong. He has had a broken bone. When he was in elementary school, he got really frustrated during a game of basketball and punched a brick wall resulting in a broken wrist. Awesome.

PPS. Actually, he thinks maybe he punched a kid, and that caused the broken wrist, which was so embarrassing to him that he needed a cover-up story, hence the brick wall bit. Either way, pretty embarrassing awesome. :)


  1. Haha, Will's ps is great :) and my poor JuJu :( I could've cried last night when I heard -- I read that text outloud, I couldn't believe it :( I would be crying non stop too if I were you... Hope it heals quickly. We love you guys!!

  2. Poor Juliette! It is crazy how fast these things can happen. It is hard to see your kids in pain, especially something like this:(. Hopefully she won't have to wear a cast for too long. She sure is cute and so sweet!

  3. oh poor poor thing!! This breaks my heart!! Broken bones seem like the worst thing ever! I don't think I could bear it! Juju is so tough! and so are you!

  4. Poor Juliette! I hope it heals up quick. She's such a sweetie, and I'm sure she's going to love and soak up all the extra attention she'll get. I know I did when I was little and broke my leg :) Between the cast and those big blue eyes, she'll be spoiled rotten! :)

  5. Oh Marie, I'm so sorry that happened. Just in case you may take a little comfort from this, Caleb also broke his arm at 2 years old. He jumped of a coffee table and tripped on the end of it. It broke lower than the elbow, but cracked both forearm bones. I was surprised to find out he only had to wear the cast a total of 6 weeks at the most, it was actually only about 4 or 5 because their little bones heal so fast at that age. Good luck. I know the guilt/sorrow that you feel as a mom when this happens to your sweet baby, but it is something that teaches both them and you in so many ways! Hang in there!

  6. Thanks for the well wishes, guys. And thank you for your comment, Leslie. It really did bring me a lot of comfort to hear your thoughts, seeing how you went through the same thing!

  7. Ugh that poor little girl! I am so so sorry to hear that! :( I would be a wreck too! I hope everything goes well with the cast! I will for sure keep her in my prayers.

  8. I just keep thinking about how much her little arm must have hurt :( Give her kisses from us.

  9. I have never had a broken bone, but I heard they are not fun at all. so I thank my lucky stars! But, I think she will be a strong little girl. I hope it heals quickly! :)
    long time follower-
    hailey :)

  10. Poor Girl--I agree, the hardest thing of being a parent is seeing your kids sick or hurt and not being able to really do anything about it. So sad! I hope the cast isn't long lasting!

  11. Poor, sweet Juliette! I'm sure she looks even more adorable with a cast now! =) That is a pretty funny story about Will.




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