Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's are so Special!

Once upon a time, I saw my dream guy from across the room. He looked like the all-American family guy to me--so attractive! Turns out I was more than right. He's the ultimate family man, and the very best kind of dad. Here's a sliver of what our Father's Day looked like this year:

1. Liam crashing on Will's lap. 

2. The Grandmas and Great Aunts wanting a BFF picture. Aren't they cute?

3. Liam and Grandpa Billy snuggling on the couch. Liam was especially cuddly after waking up from his nap and would go around the room and plop himself in different laps of the grandparent variety.

4. More laughter and smiles from some of my favorite ladies. They are so adoring of my kiddos, who run laps and squeal and jump on them constantly.

5. Presents and Father's Day cards that put smiles on all of our faces. There were fill-in-the-blanks in Isabella's card, and one of them went something like this: "My daddy taught me how to... (drumroll please)... walk." ;) I'm glad she appreciates the fundamentals! 

6. We topped off the evening by watching old home videos from when Great Grandpa was alive. He died before Juliette was born. It was a sweet touch to a very special day. 

For me, the only bummer about the day was not getting to talk to my own dad! Between competing with other siblings for Skype time, crazy Sunday mornings before church, and it being 11:30pm his time when we got home from church, I didn't catch him. Hopefully I'll get to talk to him soon. Today he took off for Paris to celebrate his wedding anniversary with my mom. I guess living in a different time zone does have its perks!


  1. This is such a sweet post :) Those kids do have a great dad! And I only got to talk to dad for like 3 min on Sunday, so don't feel so terribly bad. I think it was busy for everyone.

  2. So sweet :) Happy Father's Day to Will! I'm glad it was a good one for you guys :)

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful day. I like how you all watched videos of Will's grandpa. That was so sweet!




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