Friday, June 29, 2012

Kinder Grad!

It doesn't seem like long ago at all that I was very nervously sending Isabella off too school for the first time. And yet I blinked a few times and what-do-ya-know, today we got her final report card in the mail. Will and I couldn't be prouder of how well she did. I'm a little jealous that she seems to be naturally good at reading/writing and math. Granted, I know this is just Kindergarten we're talking about, and things can change, but still! You go, girl!

All in all, I'm just so thrilled at what a positive experience school has been for us so far. The only thing I'm still puzzled about is why she'd get off the bus grumpy almost every day. Maybe she was hungry and tired? But anyway, I felt like she learned a lot and was challenged, and I couldn't speak highly enough of her teacher.  Here are just a few of my favorite things that her teacher wrote about her each trimester:

1st Trimester:
* Isabella is a thoughtful, polite student.
* Isabella is quiet, but always contributes valuable ideas to our daily discussions and lessons.
* She is a true pleasure to have in class.

2nd Trimester:
* Isabella is a hard-working and focused student.
* She is at grade level or above grade level in all skill areas of both reading and math.
* She puts forth consistent effort and I can always count on her to be ready to learn.
* She is an exceptional girl, and a positive leader in her class.

3rd Trimester:
* Isabella is becoming such a great writer. I always enjoy reading her journal and notes.
* Math continues to be a strength for Isabella.
* Isabella has made wonderful progress in kindergarten this year. Her hard work and focus in class are assets. She is a true joy to teach.

Okay, enough gushing from me. Here's a few photos I snapped the morning of her last day of school. After a week of rain, it was actually a sunny last day!

Here she is with her teacher at her Kindergarten graduation. :) She wanted Mrs. Sullivan to have flowers and her Grandma Rise and Grandpa Billy brought Isabella some beautiful flowers to mark the occasion, too. 

Here's a quick (sorta) family picture after the graduation. Liam and Juliette weren't in a picture-taking mood, I guess. Stinkers. :)

Lastly, here's a little bit of what our summer vacation has been looking like so far. Lots of Isabella reading to her brother and sister-- I love it!


  1. Oh man. I miss my sweet Bella. And cannot believe she's going into the 1st grade! What a little smarty. I had no idea Kindergartner's got report cards - I loved reading everything her teacher had to say! She's such a beautiful little girl. I love her to pieces!!

  2. Honestly, is there anything better than kids self entertaining with books?! Love it.

  3. Honestly, is there anything better than kids self entertaining with books?! Love it.

  4. aww how sweet!! Isabella graduated kindergarten!! That's awesome! And she's a little smarty!! so cute. I miss that little girl :) I can't believe she can read!

  5. I love that! My Hailey is a reader too. Saves the day most days.=)

  6. Way to go Bella! I think I need to send you some more books!

  7. She looks like such a big girl in the pics!




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