Sunday, June 10, 2012

Up Close & Personal

This is a post wherein I show you a million pictures of wild beasts--not normally my thing, but when a yak (or bison or whatever IT is) gets in your face and wants bread, how can you not take a picture?

So, let me back up.  On Memorial Day, we piled into the car and took a longish drive to visit a place called Olympic Game Farm. Basically, it's a drive-through zoo. And it is awesome! Will and I were laughing so hard at how up close we got to lions and tigers and bears. (Oh my!) Isabella and I went here five years ago when she was younger than Juliette, so it had been awhile for the two of us, and the others had never been. I'd definitely forgotten what a funny place this is. 

The kids loved it even more than I expected they would. Isabella kept asking me to take pictures of every little animal--the rabbits and pigeons were right up there with the bears. She wanted to document everything, and she's been begging me to print out these pictures so she can take them to school to show her class. Both she and Liam were great little navigators, too. 

Will let Liam sit in his lap and drive the car for awhile. Even though we were only going a few miles an hour, it still made me a little jumpy. He was all smiles, though, and didn't want to to give up the wheel.

I think my favorite thing to take pictures of were the peacocks. They were everywhere, and so pretty!

There's no doubt in my mind that Juliette's favorite thing was not having to wear a seatbelt. She pretended the car was a jungle gym and loved sitting in Isabella's booster.

I know, sick, right? Slobber on my window... being THAT close. It's just a little crazy to me.

I loved the bears. They were so cute and if I didn't know any better, I would've gone up and given one a great big bear hug. They were so adorable, and there were so many of them! There were baby bears, too, and Isabella was definitely upset that I didn't get a picture of any of the babies.

After we went through the whole driving portion, we waited for a tour about how Disney used to own this farm and used the animals in their movies. While we waited, it was pouring out, so we found some cover and the cute kids climbed.

While I'm on this random animal kick, I also wanted to mention that we recently went to Will's Aunt Julie's house to visit, and her neighbor has lots of chickens and roosters, and three new baby calfs that we got to see. The kids were pretty guarded and didn't want to get near the calfs, but they definitely enjoyed the visit, and it kind of felt like our own private petting zoo for the afternoon. Thanks so much, Aunt Julie!

This picture makes me laugh. I guess the calfs didn't want much to do with us, either. :)

Anyway, on our drive home from Olympic Game Farm, we stopped by a cemetery and talked about how grateful we are for the men and women who have died to provide and protect our freedoms here in America. It was the best Memorial Day I've had in a long time with the people I love most. And who knows, maybe we'll make getting up close and personal with wild beasts a Memorial Day tradition. :)


  1. That looks like a great adventure, and a good beginning for your Memorial Day traditions!

  2. Will you come document my trip next time?! Beoootiful pictures!

  3. Seriously Marie, you make a aweosome document of your life and I love seeing all of your smiley faces.

  4. Okay, it's time to drag my kids there. Kennedy freaks out about the idea, but I want to see it! That bear picture is adorable!

  5. oh my gosh!! That place looks so cool! And you got some awesome pictures! I think Cole would have loved that place.

  6. So fun! We need to go again sometime soon. Dallin was pretty little last time. He'd enjoy it much more this time around!

  7. Definitely make that your new Memorial Day tradition :) I love it. Those pictures are crazy. And that bear? Oh my gosh, I want one!! Also ps: Juliette has the most perfectly shaped face for that hair cut. Man, she is so beautiful. All of your kids are :)

  8. We've decided that this year we will finally go there. Yep, lived here for 11 years and never been. You and Jill should do marketing for them, because you've sold me!

  9. What a beautiful family having so much fun!




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