Sunday, July 29, 2012


Man, life sure gets away from me! I feel like things are insanely busy right now, but I don't know that I have a very high "pain" tolerance when it comes to the craziness of life. People keep telling me that it's going to get crazier still. I'm sure my thresh hold will continue to expand, but it's hard to imagine life getting any busier than it already is. But even after long and tiring days, I wouldn't trade this season of my life for anything.

So, on to some happy things of late. We went out to the lake for FHE a few weeks to help put the boat in the water. It was fun to go for our first ride of the summer. Hopefully we'll find enough free time for many more boat rides before rainy season is here again. I can't believe summer is half over already!

2. Juliette's hair is long enough for braids. I snapped this while she was sitting in the bleachers watching Liam and Isabella at swimming lessons, so her hairdo was pretty thrashed by this late point in the day, but it's still cute as ever. And it kind of kills me that her hair is long enough for french braids. That's a big deal at our's a true sign that babyhood is about gone. I say "about" gone because even though she is a chatterbox and says "Why, Mom?" all the time to me, she's still very much the baby in our home.

3. Swimming lessons is over! This is both happy and sad. I don't think Isabella will miss freezing her buns off in the water, and it's freed up some evenings, but they had a fabulous time and it was fun that they could be in the same class. Looks like Kung Fu Panda boy had a fun time, too. :)

3. Great Grandma Gross turned 85 this month! I love this lady so much. She is a simply delightful ray of sunshine, and I love every minute we get to be around her.

4. Way back in May, Will and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by going to the temple, dinner, shopping and a movie. My kind of marathon date! I love this guy more than I could possibly express. Our newlywed days are technically behind us, but I still feel like a newlywed in the sense that I feel the need to pinch myself all the time. And if my hands weren't so often full, I'd be holding his hand 24/7. He is so, so wonderful and pretty much the most handsome man I've ever seen. Love you forever, babe.

I guess that's it for tonight. I just wanted to make some progress in the way of what's become our family journal before I head into another full week. Life is so good and I'm so thankful.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Learning to Swim

Liam and Isabella have just about finished up a session of swimming lessons and have really enjoyed it! But I think it's safe to say Daddy's still their favorite teacher. I love watching them learn!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Love You, JuJu

Juliette's cast has been off for several weeks now, and it is HEAVENLY to be able to bathe her normally. (We were just doing the sponge bath thing while it was on, which was torture for her because she is a fish and loves her baths.) And this is probably mean of me, but I didn't let the kids sign it until the day before it came off, so they were pretty excited to finally be able to go crazy on it. They spent a lot of time decking her out with pretty pictures and notes, and Juliette held so still. She loved it. 

Some fun things to note since she's gotten the cast off:

*She still asks me to prop her arm up at night when she goes to bed. (She loves to be babied in general, and she also LOVES babies.)

* I've hidden her sling from her because if she sees it, she cries and wants me to sling her arm. I'm thinking maybe that's not such a bad idea, though, since this whole experience has made a lefty out of her. Maybe if I sling her left arm, she'll revert back to her right-handed ways. Who knows, maybe she'll be a lefty for good like her big sis.

* Whenever she hurts herself, she tells me her injury is broken. "My finger broken, Mommy!"

*When she runs, she only pumps her left arm. 

* I banned her from the trampoline up until yesterday. I know, I feel crazy for letting her back on there, but I did. And I've never seen her happier! She immediately did her favorite thing: seat drops! And yesterday while I was on there with her, I taught her how to stand up out of her seat drops and bring her arms up in the air. I have no pictures, no nothing, but it is so cute to watch her, because instead of bringing her hands up in the air, she puts them on her head! I'm just impressed she can do "seat drop, stand ups!"

Please pray for no more broken bones over here!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Red, White and Blue!

We had a fabulous Fourth of July that included sand, naps, cartwheels, swimming, Hello Kitty lovin', more swimming, BBQ, fireworks, S'mores, berry picking, reading, homemade ice cream, the BEST oatmeal cookies, and pretty happy kiddos. I didn't do too hot a job of documenting it all, but I'm very glad to have some pictures of how cute the littles looked in their red, white and blue! Happy Birthday, America!



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