Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Love You, JuJu

Juliette's cast has been off for several weeks now, and it is HEAVENLY to be able to bathe her normally. (We were just doing the sponge bath thing while it was on, which was torture for her because she is a fish and loves her baths.) And this is probably mean of me, but I didn't let the kids sign it until the day before it came off, so they were pretty excited to finally be able to go crazy on it. They spent a lot of time decking her out with pretty pictures and notes, and Juliette held so still. She loved it. 

Some fun things to note since she's gotten the cast off:

*She still asks me to prop her arm up at night when she goes to bed. (She loves to be babied in general, and she also LOVES babies.)

* I've hidden her sling from her because if she sees it, she cries and wants me to sling her arm. I'm thinking maybe that's not such a bad idea, though, since this whole experience has made a lefty out of her. Maybe if I sling her left arm, she'll revert back to her right-handed ways. Who knows, maybe she'll be a lefty for good like her big sis.

* Whenever she hurts herself, she tells me her injury is broken. "My finger broken, Mommy!"

*When she runs, she only pumps her left arm. 

* I banned her from the trampoline up until yesterday. I know, I feel crazy for letting her back on there, but I did. And I've never seen her happier! She immediately did her favorite thing: seat drops! And yesterday while I was on there with her, I taught her how to stand up out of her seat drops and bring her arms up in the air. I have no pictures, no nothing, but it is so cute to watch her, because instead of bringing her hands up in the air, she puts them on her head! I'm just impressed she can do "seat drop, stand ups!"

Please pray for no more broken bones over here!


  1. I love her little smiles . . . wish I could have signed her cast too!

  2. this is just too cute. Juliette is so adorable! All of your kids are!! I think it's funny that she thinks everything's broken now haha ;)

  3. So cute! You know she'd be back on the trampoline at SOME point. I think it is adorable that she only pumps her left arm while running. Haha! So cute!!! And since I said that twice, I guess I really mean it!

  4. She is so adorable!! It's so cute how she still does everything with her left arm, and that she kept it so still when the kids signed her cast! Glad its off though :)




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