Sunday, October 14, 2012

Utah: Part 3, And That's A Wrap!

Toward the end of our trip, we got to visit Temple Square and the new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake, and my kids LOVED seeing the temple and playing in the fountains and smelling all the beautiful flowers. We all did. Temple Square is nothing short of gorgeous and uplifting, and it always brings back the happiest memories of our wedding day. 

One of the biggest reasons we came to UT as a family in the first place was to meet up with these two handsome guys--my dad and Uncle Matthew! I love them so much, and I'm so glad for the time we were all able to spend together. My kids adored them both, too. I wish I had gotten some more pictures of what a fun uncle Matthew is, but I didn't! Oh well.

Just a few hours before we needed to catch our flight home, we were able to meet up with my sister Lauren and family who'd just arrived in UT. I'm glad our trips overlapped, even if it was just for an hour or so! Actually, we ended up missing our flight home! But I consider it a tender mercy that Will and I both thought our flight time was an hour later than it actually was. Had we gotten the time right, we probably wouldn't have gotten to see them at all!

All of my kids adore Grandpa Tracy. Juliette was certainly smitten with how he would tickle her face with the end of his pen, count her ribs, and just be the fun-loving wonderful grandpa that he is. If only they saw more of each other!

This picture below on the left is of Isabella playing with Cole, who she lovingly refers to as "Coley" here at home. "I miss "Coley!" and "When are we gonna see Coley?" are things I hear often around here. :) I think she made a special connection with him in that short hour they spent together. And all the pictures of my dad with my kids melt my heart. I love my dad. What a good, good man he is.

There's Miss Annabelle below on the right. She and Juliette really hit it off, too. It's fun that they're old enough to really remember each other and play with each other. Juliette calls her "Ammabelle" and we all can't wait for this little doll and Aunt Emma to arrive for a visit this Friday! It's like me and my sisters never get to see each other, I know.

At this point we should've been racing for the airport to head home, but instead we tried for a quick family picture. Obviously, someone wasn't too enthused. I don't care, though. It's us, and I just like seeing the five of us in the same picture once in awhile!

To sum things up, I'm so grateful we made this trip. Traveling with little ones isn't always easy, but I always come home feeling like it was worth it, especially when getting together with my family is involved!


  1. LOVE all the pictures. And wish I could have been there too!

  2. Those are great pictures! The fountain shots are amazing and I know both your kids and dad will always treasure those pictures of them together. And I love your family picture too. Realism is great! (Now I want to hear the story about missing your flight...)

  3. I love all these pictures!! I'm so glad we got to see you even if it was for just a short little while :)




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