Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utah: Part Two!

For the second part of our Utah trip, we stayed with my cousin Aleece and family because my dad and brother Matthew arrived, so there was no longer room in the inn at Em's house. Plus we're always looking for an excuse to stay with Aleece and Jeremy. They are so sweet and welcoming, and they don't live too far from Provo where all the action with my family was happening.

And can I just say that I loved having Will and the kids with me. I've been to UT several times without my family in tow, so it was really nice to have them with me for once! And they were in heaven surrounded by second cousins galore.

One of the major events of the trip was meeting up at my grandparent's house for a mini-reunion and picnic. I have so many wonderful memories in my grandparent's backyard, and so again, it was awesome to have  my own kids there, doing the same things I used to do--rolling down the hill, climbing the apricot tree, and picking apples, to name a few. :)

We sure are blessed to come from such a wonderful and loving Allred family. I loved our time together just as I always do! Next up, Part 3!


  1. These pictures are all so beautiful. And I love how you captured the beautiful moments at that reunion. I love our family :)

  2. such beautiful pictures Marie! I wish I had been there :(

  3. Still can't believe you were in Utah the same time as us and we didn't realize it until later!! Looks like you had loads of fun though and were plenty busy! The pictures are great, your kids are adorable! Liam is such a big boy and his hair is lighter. And I love "my" Juliette's white hair, and Bella always looks so peaceful. Your grandparents are so cute! I still remember them in the airport one time wearing all red, purse, shoes and all!! Love it!!
    oh p.s. love that picture of Liam and Christian is it, in a dorm? So So sweet!!




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