Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Tiger Princess, A Dungeon Guy and a Witch... Make that Two Witches.

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I've always had ambitions of our family having a coordinated costume theme for Halloween, but it's never happened because I'm not on the ball enough to do the planning required to make it happen. But this year was the first year I was a realist about it and didn't even pretend or entertain the idea of us all coordinating. This year I knew from the beginning that it just wasn't going to happen.

BUT. But that doesn't mean that I don't have high hopes for next year. I want to have a cute, themed family Halloween picture at least one year! I'm thinking we may copy my sister Lauren's idea and all be hipsters or nerds or something easy like that. All Will and I would have to do is throw on some geeky glasses and call it good. I think I could handle that.

This year we went to a costume swap that my friend organized. Everyone brought all their costumes and we just went around and borrowed each other's costumes. Such a great idea! So anyway, this is where Juliette picked up her cute witch costume.

Liam surprised me and turned down an awesome spiderman and shark costume that he brought home from the costume swap and instead chose to be our one and only dungeon guy-- because that's pretty much what he is on a daily basis around here. He regularly tortures his sisters and all the neighborhood girls when he refuses to play "the dad" when they're playing house and instead is the dungeon guy who comes to crash their parties. Poor Liam. Poor neighborhood girls.

Isabella also went for a costume that we had in our dress up box and dubbed herself a tiger princess.

And I was secretly happy that they all color coordinated and that I could easily throw on a witch hat and pretend that I was one of those cool moms that dresses up for Halloween.

Poor Will was left out of all of these pictures somehow, but costume or not he was definitely there being the rockstar dad he is.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Us Crazies

I think this is the third year my friend Jill and I have traded taking each other's family pictures, and I love it. She is always so great to work with, and I was really happy with how these turned out, especially considering how crazy we were that evening! I've taken quite a few family pictures, but I remember thinking as we were leaving that shoot, we win the prize for being the most difficult family EVER to photograph. So, my hat's off to Jill!

We really are a bunch of crazies most of the time.

But I sure do love us!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Emma and Annabelle's Visit!

I can't believe it's been a month since Emma and Annabelle's visit! I also can't believe that Em and I didn't get in a single picture together. Tragic! I was so happy to get lots of pictures of the cousins at play, though.

I've been looking forward to cousins for my kids for several years now, and having Annabelle and Cole in the family has been every bit as wonderful as I dreamed.  My kids are so in love with them and talk about them all the time. Isabella is especially tender when it comes to her cousins, and often gets weepy about how much she misses them. It's really sweet.

Anyway! We had a fabulous time with Emma and Annabelle and did all sorts of things together...

When the weather permitted, they played outside.

During scripture and prayer time in the evenings, my kids did a stellar job of showing Annabelle how not to listen. They played with the light switch, bounced like crazy people in the crib and jumped off the bed.

All the while, Emma and I were too tired to stop them. And Will kept on reading...

We went to Poulsbo one morning and got donuts. This was a real quick excursion (yucky weather), but it was still enjoyable. Who doesn't love a messy donut?

Most of what we did, though, was just the day-to-day, everyday, normal kind of stuff--like go to the bathroom. Just kiddin'.

No, actually, Annabelle pretty much potty trained herself, and had a captive audience. Sorry, Annabelle!

There was tub time!

Dinner time! (Emma cooked some fabulous meals for us!)

Lots of play time!

Snuggle time.

And crafty time! Emma and I made some hair bows and bow ties, which was really fun. And the kids went through lots of paper like they always do.

I'm sure there's lots more that we did that I failed to mention, but the main idea here is that I'm SO glad they could come. I don't know when their next visit will be, but we already can't wait!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I think I first heard about the musical "Wicked" from my family years ago, and I've always wanted to go ever since. My sisters have seen it multiple times, and even loved it in German, so it's been on my wish list for awhile now. And not only has my family raved about Wicked, but Will's mom has also been dying for us to go see it because she knew that we would love it. Will and I almost went when we were in New York last Spring, but we didn't plan ahead very well, and the few tickets available at the door were pretty pricey, so we held off.

Well, the stars finally aligned a few weeks ago and Will and I went! It was really fun to dress up and go out at night to Seattle, something we don't do too often. We didn't have time to go to a restaurant for dinner, but we found this cute little crepe stand on our way to the Paramount Theater. Those crepes were every bit as good as they looked and smelled, and very much worth the way out in the cold. Yum. I could use one of those crepes right now!

The show was amazing like everyone said it would be. It made me want to watch The Wizard of Oz again. I don't think my kids have even seen that movie, so we will have to have a family movie night soon and watch it, especially since I know that before long I will be wanting to take my girls to see Wicked!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Lil' Saints and All The Good People

I must be feeling really sentimental tonight, but my heart is bursting right now for all the good, wonderful people in my life, not the least of which are my own husband and children. I love them so much it hurts sometimes.

And I love all good people that are our dear friends.
And I love all the good people that are our acquaintances.
And I love all the good people that we don't even know. 

Just thankful today for all the good things in the world!

Speaking of good things, one of my friends from church started a little soccer league three years ago...something low-key and fun for kids. All we had to do was buy the t-shirt/socks/ball. There must've been 60-plus kids out on the field this year. It's all parent volunteers that coach the teams, and this year Will coached Isabella's team. He'd race to soccer practice straight from work and often not have time to change out of his work clothes. What a sweet sight it was to see him quickly throw on a team shirt and play with the kids, especially our diva girl who insisted on playing with pink sunglasses on her head on this particular night. Cutie. 

This is Liam's second year playing, and it was fun to see him get more and more into it. Some of the young women that I adore from church volunteered as coaches and I was so grateful for their dedication and patience with my little guy. I also couldn't help but notice that he likes to stick out his tongue when playing. It must run in the family because Juliette is always sticking out her tongue, too. Hopefully that doesn't prove disastrous!

Juliette thought she was part of the group and would wear the kids' old soccer shirts from year's past.  She loved playing with her little friends on the sidelines and kicking around her make-do "soccer ball." Before long she and her darling friends will be playing with the rest of them!

Anyway, it was a great season and I'm so grateful for all the good people who helped make it happen!



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