Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Tiger Princess, A Dungeon Guy and a Witch... Make that Two Witches.

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I've always had ambitions of our family having a coordinated costume theme for Halloween, but it's never happened because I'm not on the ball enough to do the planning required to make it happen. But this year was the first year I was a realist about it and didn't even pretend or entertain the idea of us all coordinating. This year I knew from the beginning that it just wasn't going to happen.

BUT. But that doesn't mean that I don't have high hopes for next year. I want to have a cute, themed family Halloween picture at least one year! I'm thinking we may copy my sister Lauren's idea and all be hipsters or nerds or something easy like that. All Will and I would have to do is throw on some geeky glasses and call it good. I think I could handle that.

This year we went to a costume swap that my friend organized. Everyone brought all their costumes and we just went around and borrowed each other's costumes. Such a great idea! So anyway, this is where Juliette picked up her cute witch costume.

Liam surprised me and turned down an awesome spiderman and shark costume that he brought home from the costume swap and instead chose to be our one and only dungeon guy-- because that's pretty much what he is on a daily basis around here. He regularly tortures his sisters and all the neighborhood girls when he refuses to play "the dad" when they're playing house and instead is the dungeon guy who comes to crash their parties. Poor Liam. Poor neighborhood girls.

Isabella also went for a costume that we had in our dress up box and dubbed herself a tiger princess.

And I was secretly happy that they all color coordinated and that I could easily throw on a witch hat and pretend that I was one of those cool moms that dresses up for Halloween.

Poor Will was left out of all of these pictures somehow, but costume or not he was definitely there being the rockstar dad he is.


  1. They are the cutest. LOVE their costumes! and yes you should be hipsters next year!! Easiest costume ever!!!

  2. They totally did color-coordinate! How cute. I love that last picture. It feels so timeless. Or like the perfect picture for a photo album. Idk. It's just cute, I guess :)

  3. Nice Halloween post! I think you all look great, and the costume swap is definitely a good idea!

  4. haha how cute!! Their costumes are so adorable! And you are such a cute mom! :)




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