Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Emma and Annabelle's Visit!

I can't believe it's been a month since Emma and Annabelle's visit! I also can't believe that Em and I didn't get in a single picture together. Tragic! I was so happy to get lots of pictures of the cousins at play, though.

I've been looking forward to cousins for my kids for several years now, and having Annabelle and Cole in the family has been every bit as wonderful as I dreamed.  My kids are so in love with them and talk about them all the time. Isabella is especially tender when it comes to her cousins, and often gets weepy about how much she misses them. It's really sweet.

Anyway! We had a fabulous time with Emma and Annabelle and did all sorts of things together...

When the weather permitted, they played outside.

During scripture and prayer time in the evenings, my kids did a stellar job of showing Annabelle how not to listen. They played with the light switch, bounced like crazy people in the crib and jumped off the bed.

All the while, Emma and I were too tired to stop them. And Will kept on reading...

We went to Poulsbo one morning and got donuts. This was a real quick excursion (yucky weather), but it was still enjoyable. Who doesn't love a messy donut?

Most of what we did, though, was just the day-to-day, everyday, normal kind of stuff--like go to the bathroom. Just kiddin'.

No, actually, Annabelle pretty much potty trained herself, and had a captive audience. Sorry, Annabelle!

There was tub time!

Dinner time! (Emma cooked some fabulous meals for us!)

Lots of play time!

Snuggle time.

And crafty time! Emma and I made some hair bows and bow ties, which was really fun. And the kids went through lots of paper like they always do.

I'm sure there's lots more that we did that I failed to mention, but the main idea here is that I'm SO glad they could come. I don't know when their next visit will be, but we already can't wait!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this was such a fun post :) I can't believe you got all those pictures!!! I had no idea. We miss you guys so much... :( thanks for such a perfect, memorable visit! We love you guys.




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