Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Lil' Saints and All The Good People

I must be feeling really sentimental tonight, but my heart is bursting right now for all the good, wonderful people in my life, not the least of which are my own husband and children. I love them so much it hurts sometimes.

And I love all good people that are our dear friends.
And I love all the good people that are our acquaintances.
And I love all the good people that we don't even know. 

Just thankful today for all the good things in the world!

Speaking of good things, one of my friends from church started a little soccer league three years ago...something low-key and fun for kids. All we had to do was buy the t-shirt/socks/ball. There must've been 60-plus kids out on the field this year. It's all parent volunteers that coach the teams, and this year Will coached Isabella's team. He'd race to soccer practice straight from work and often not have time to change out of his work clothes. What a sweet sight it was to see him quickly throw on a team shirt and play with the kids, especially our diva girl who insisted on playing with pink sunglasses on her head on this particular night. Cutie. 

This is Liam's second year playing, and it was fun to see him get more and more into it. Some of the young women that I adore from church volunteered as coaches and I was so grateful for their dedication and patience with my little guy. I also couldn't help but notice that he likes to stick out his tongue when playing. It must run in the family because Juliette is always sticking out her tongue, too. Hopefully that doesn't prove disastrous!

Juliette thought she was part of the group and would wear the kids' old soccer shirts from year's past.  She loved playing with her little friends on the sidelines and kicking around her make-do "soccer ball." Before long she and her darling friends will be playing with the rest of them!

Anyway, it was a great season and I'm so grateful for all the good people who helped make it happen!


  1. So adorable!! Love all the pictures. Especially little Diva Bella ;)

  2. This is a sweet post Marie! The pictures are so cute! Your little ones are the cutest little soccer players :)

  3. Marie, your children are so beautiful! Hope all is well with your family. -wendy

  4. Love the pictures, and love the soccer players too!




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