Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Turkey Bowl to Remember

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I've lucked out big time (at least I think I have) in the Thanksgiving department. We always have it at Will's parent's house, and I LOVE not being in charge! I'm so happy to help, and seeing how my turn is long overdue, I'll be happy to be in charge when the time comes, but until then I am quite content bringing my green bean casserole and coming early to help make the rolls and do whatever else needs done. It's fun to have such a talented cook to learn from and help out in the kitchen.

Besides the food and company being as wonderful as it always is, the two most notable things that happened this past Thanksgiving were (1) Will busted his hand playing in the annual Turkey Bowl, and (2) I was THIS close to giving up on potty training Juliette. As I cleaned up yucky puddles of pee and other such atrocities that I'll leave to your imagination, "potty training is the pits" was on repeat in my thoughts Thanksgiving week. Yuck.

But first back to the Turkey Bowl. Will came home and said he thought he broke his hand. It looked terrible and certainly broken to me. But after he rested up and relaxed on Thanksgiving, he was back at work the next day, and on Saturday he even mowed the lawn! It was really strange because it really didn't slow him down any (after it happened he got back in the football game!?). But on Monday he decided to get it checked out, and sure enough, it was very much broken. So broken, in fact, that he had to have surgery to have a plate put in his hand yesterday. It's probably going to take 6 months or so until he's back to 100%. So, until he gets his bandages off and feels up to it, I'm enjoying doing all the dinner dishes, bathing the kids, opening his medicine bottles, tying his tie, and other odd and end things like putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. I'm actually really enjoying it. I love taking care of my man.

As for the potty training thing not going so hot during Thanksgiving, I'm so glad that I didn't give up because I am proud to report that Juliette is a potty trained girl! I'll have to post more on that later, but until then, I hope I don't eat my words!


  1. Oh my gosh, Will's hand!!! Crazy-bad.

    I'm super jealous of the potty trained girl at your house. Must get on that....

  2. Oh my goodness poor Will!

    And I am sending Clifton your way!!! Maybe you can work your magic an get him potty trained? I am not sure we will ever get there:(

  3. Definitely some Thanksgiving excitement happening at your house. Sorry, Will, about the broken hand. And congrats to Juliette on graduating to big girl status. XOXO

  4. Way to go on potty training Juliette! that's awesome! and sorry about Will's hand :( but other than that looks like an awesome Thanksgiving!

  5. Poor Will! I can't believe it was broken and he still did all those things. What a champion husband. And you're a good wife to take such good care of him :)
    Also, I am one proud Auntie of little Juliette!! What a big girl :)
    (And you look gorgeous as always. Love that sweater on you!)

  6. Poor will! But what a good wife you are.=) congrast on the potty training!

  7. Well... I can empthasize pretty well with Will. If you need ANY help, Scott told me he'd be happy to help. I would too, but I have to have my cast on for two more weeks. Anyways good for Ju Ju and good for all of you! I love you all so much!




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