Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Snow!


I really need to invest in better snow gear for the kids! It just snows so seldom here that I feel like they'd only wear their snow suits once or twice, and then grow out of everything before the next time it snows. But still. I think I'm going to bite the bullet anyway. They have so much fun out there, and would last a lot longer in the snow if they weren't in jeans, and in Liam's case, tennis shoes. Also,  whoever told me when we first moved here that it never snows in Washington is wrong! I think it's snowed every year we've been here. It's not always terribly much, but it's always a big deal. Pretty much if snow is sticking, everything shuts down for at least a few hours.

Last week Isabella got her first "snow day" home from school--well, it was a delayed start. It was awesome! We played outside in the snow all morning, and then the kids came in and took a warm bath and we had a leisurely time getting ready for the day.

The snowman we built didn't last long, unfortunately. We went big this year, and once he was all situated with his carrot nose and things,  I made the mistake of telling Liam and Juliette to hold the snowman's "hands" for a picture (Isabella was already taking her warm bath by this point). And of course, our big snowman toppled. Poor Juliette was quite upset about it and has been emphatically telling anyone who will listen to her all about her "snowman falling down." Hopefully we'll have another snow day or two before winter is over, especially if I'm buying snow gear. :)


  1. Haha, those last two pictures crack me up!! That snowman was so cute. And poor JuJu. I'm so glad you got snow again this year :) I live in UT and still haven't invested in legit snowgear... I'm right with you ;)

  2. wow that is a LOT of snow!! So fun that you guys could have some this winter...and on Christmas too!! I bet you're kids had a blast :)

  3. Love all the snow pictures . . . especially the LAST one! Such great memories!




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