Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thirty Four

Doesn't this birthday boy have the best smile?
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My guy turned thirty-four right before Christmas. His family is always so good about coming together for a birthday dinner and celebration every time there's a birthday in the family. And when you're talking about three generations, that's lots of birthday dinners, and lots of great excuses for us all to get together. We love it. Since his parent's place is so much bigger than ours, and can accommodate all the family much more comfortably than we can, we had this particular birthday celebration on the Sunday before Will's birthday at his parent's place in Poulsbo. I brought enchiladas and everyone chipped in with yummy side dishes, including his mom's much-loved ice cream cake! The kids especially loved hijacking Will's presents and decorating Grandma Rise's Christmas tree that evening.

Will's actual birthday landed on a Thursday, and between him leaving at the crack of dawn to teach seminary, and it being really busy at work this time of year, we didn't see too much of him. (Although I did get up and make him a birthday breakfast, and we did sneak in a lunch date to Amy's on the Bay.) When he finally got home and saw the kids for the first time that day, it was pretty much time for us to leave for gymnastics classes! But we quickly opened gifts with him (I got him a fresh pair of the tennis shoes he wore all the time when we were dating). And then we were off to the gym, and he was off to see The Hobbit with some friends. As you can see from the photos, the kids were pretty wild that evening!

Anyway, a very happy birthday to my love! You are the reason I love life so much.


  1. Happy Birthday Will! How fun that Cole and Will share the same birthday :)Looks like a fun celebration!!

  2. Happy happy birthday, Will!! And yes, he does have a great smile :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Will. I'm so glad you guys were able to sneak away to lunch!




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