Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas...Round Two!

When we got back from our Christmas trip with my family, we had another little Christmas with Will's family. It was lovely and I'm of the opinion that there's no such thing as too much Christmas. (I'm pretty sure my kids are of the same opinion.) How I love both of our families and the special feelings of love and togetherness that Christmas brings.
IMG_8578GrossChristmas2013GrossChristmas2013-1 IMG_8590GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8596GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8602GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8608GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8512GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8612GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8569GrossChristmas2013 IMG_8551GrossChristmas2013 Christmas2013-2 IMG_8610GrossChristmas2013

Christmas 2013

We looked forward to being together with all of my family for Christmas for months and months, and it was wonderful! But it wasn't perfect... what felt like every sick bug you can imagine came and spread from kid to kid over the break.  So, in the weeks before Christmas when my parents were with us (briefly), and  Emma was with us for about a week, there wasn't much photo documentation going on. We were definitely in survival mode trying to take care of each other and kick all the diseases. Kinda sad. Here is one picture I took of my dad reading to Juliette on the first day she was feeling crummy. It only got worse from there! That, and I took a few pictures of the kids playing in the brief stint of snow we had on one of the days over the break.

IMG_0331Christmas2013IMG_0351Christmas2013 Christmas2013-6

Like I mentioned in previous posts, many of us met up in Montana for a few days leading up to Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve we all met up in Coeur D' Alene, ID for about 4 days. We stayed in a wonderful and very spacious house. It was the perfect place for all of us. Below is the only decent shot I got on Christmas Eve. My dad had some fun activities and sweet messages that set the tone for us to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. It was lovely. I seem to recall my kids being a little rowdy, though. So much excitement in the air! And check out the adorable jammies my mom made them!


After leaving Santa and his reindeer some treats, off to bed they went, and then in the middle of night, I heard Bella run for the bathroom. I followed her there and the poor girl threw up. She was so chipper about it, though, like it was no big deal. And I could only hope and pray that it wasn't going to be a big deal. Boy was I wrong. A little ways into opening presents the next morning, she threw up again. So sad. And stressful! I was so worried that this stomach bug was going to plague my entire family. It was also pretty depressing because I thought we had all the illnesses behind us. Luckily, it was a really mild bug, and while all of us (in our little family) did get it over the next week or so, it wasn't too miserable, considering.

It definitely didn't seem to damper Isabella's Christmas spirits, which made me really happy. She truly acted like her cheerful self and didn't throw up again after that episode. But now I'm sick of writing about sicknesses! So, moving right along...

For Christmas, all the kids' wishes came true, and then some. My brother Matthew in particular really spoiled us all this year. I don't know how he got all those presents into his suitcase, but he was pretty much Santa for all of us. Thank you, Matthew! We love you. Speaking of Santa, Isabella got a camera, Liam a Lego set, and Juliette, a tiny little kitty family with lots of accessories, and Charlton some books. They were happy! I think it's funny that Juliette is kissing a box of fruit rollups she got in her stocking.

One of the biggest highlights for all of us was getting to Skype with Uncle Christian who is on a mission for our church in California. He seemed great and I loved getting to say hi to him even if it was just for a few minutes.

   Christmas2013-1 IMG_0181Christmas2013 Christmas2013-2 IMG_0165Christmas2013 IMG_0146Christmas2013 IMG_0163Christmas2013 IMG_0143Christmas2013 IMG_0141Christmas2013 IMG_0138Christmas2013 IMG_0136Christmas2013

The next day we lazed around a bit and then when for a walk downtown Coeur D' Alene. It was really nice to get out and it was so beautiful too. At one point, I raced Liam back to the car, and it made me so happy! haha I just haven't run like that since getting pregnant with Charlton, so it was nice to RUN, especially with my boy.

  IMG_0263Christmas2013IMG_0233Christmas2013 IMG_0219Christmas2013 Christmas2013-5 IMG_0287Christmas2013 Christmas2013-4 IMG_0283Christmas2013 Christmas2013-3


I pulled out my camera again the last night we were there. We decorated gingerbread men with the kids, watched movies, played legos and just enjoyed each other. I especially loved watching the cousins play. I think they are the cutest kids in the whole world.

IMG_8497Christmas2013IMG_8492Christmas2013 IMG_8491Christmas2013 IMG_8486Christmas2013 IMG_8471Christmas2013 IMG_8466Christmas2013 IMG_8453Christmas2013 IMG_8452Christmas2013 IMG_8442Christmas2013 IMG_0430Christmas2013 IMG_0427Christmas2013 IMG_0394Christmas2013 IMG_0388Christmas2013 IMG_0393Christmas2013 IMG_0376Christmas2013 IMG_0382Christmas2013 Christmas2013-7

Thank you, Mom and Dad and everyone, for such a wonderful Christmas! We were all together and I couldn't ask for more!



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