Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Heart Gymnastics!


When I watched Isabella take her first gymnastics class a few months ago, my heart pounded and my eyes welled up. It was a bit ridiculous, but I LOVE gymnastics, and to see my daughter do something I loved to do so much as a kid was just really awesome. I even went so far as to convince Liam to try it out, too, since he loves jumping on our trampoline, he's coordinated, and I wanted to sign him up for something, yet wasn't quite ready to keep up with multiple extra curricular activities. For right now, I felt it best to have them doing the same extra thing. It took some bribery to get Liam down on the floor, but ever since that first class he tried out, he's absolutely loved it, and is quite good even!

These pictures are from the other Saturday when we went to a session of open gym with our friends. I was all dressed and ready to go down on the floor with the kids. (I couldn't wait!) But it turns out both Juliette and I weren't allowed to. You have to be enrolled in a class to participate. Juliette was heartbroken, poor thing. What made it worse was I had her all dressed and ready to go to an open gym session the previous Saturday, only to realize just as we were headed out, that it was still closed for Christmas break. So I felt extra bad when we got there, and I had to tell her that I was wrong again and she couldn't do gymnastics again.

You should've seen the tears and the look on her face. 

"I exercise in my exercise clothes, Mommy!"

It was just sad that she had to watch the kids have fun for two hours without her. She so wanted to be out there with them. 

Entering this "extra curricular" phase of parenthood has also made me all the more grateful to my parents for the serious time and money they spent to let me do this thing I loved so very, very much. I always loved it, but didn't really appreciate it like I should have back then. But I understand a little better now what a huge sacrifice that must've been considering I was practicing three times a week with meets on the weekends... and considering that there were seven of us kids! But I also understand better now how easy it is to want to do those extra things for your kids because you love them so much and it's fun to see them succeed and develop talents. 

It's neat to come full circle like that. I think that's what got me all teary in the first place.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years Eve at the Lake!

We did something new for New Years Eve... we packed up and met Will's family out at the lake house. It was seriously such a blast, and the kids literally did one fun thing after another. We arrived around dinner time, and they played games with Will while Rise and I got things situated and unpacked in the kitchen. Then we had a delicious Mexican fiesta of a dinner, the kids painted little ornaments, and we all watched a movie together.

After putting the kids to bed, us adults started another movie, but one by one we fell like flies... sleep definitely won that night. We didn't even make it to midnight! I was so out I didn't hear a single fire work that night.

There were more games first thing the next morning with Aunt Tina. My kids are really into board games lately, and I was grateful I brought them! After breakfast, we all hopped in the pool. I can't believe I even got in. I hate, hate being cold and usually don't swim unless it's like 90 degrees out, but it was actually pretty warm and Isabella and I had so much fun dancing in the water together. We have this little swing routine we do. It's super fun!

We all got dried off and then made gingerbread houses, watched another movie, ate another delicious meal, and then let off some poppers in the yard before we headed back home. It was a wonderful and very memorable New Years! I'm so glad we could spend it out at the lake!
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Too Much Fun: Zoo Lights & Jump House

We packed in the fun on New Years Eve and New Years Eve EVE this year (well, technically speaking...last year). On the Eve EVE we met up with Will's parents at Zoo Lights. We had never done this before, and I was floored at how many people were there. That zoo was a ZOO! We had a great time, although the kids were less interested in lights and more interested in seeing real animals. I'll have to take them to the zoo this spring! It's been awhile... apparently too long because they couldn't stop asking about why the animals had to be sleeping.

Zoo Lights made for a late evening, but I couldn't resist meeting up with the Brown's at a jump house (Play Kitsap) the next morning (New Years Eve) because Liam has been dying to play with his buddy Aaron any chance he can get. These two little boys are so cute together, and it's fun to see Liam make a good friend. Whenever they are together they play happily with legos for hours. I love they they get along so well. And it was too cute when he came running up to me while we were at the jump house to say,

"Guess what, Mom! Aaron said that we can be best friends!"

I'd also promised Liam that I'd take him to a jump house if he'd give gymnastics a try (he was very reluctant). My bribery worked, and he's been taking gymnastics for a few months now and loves it!  Anyway, I needed to make good on my promise, too. Plus I got to hang out with my friend Courtney, so it was definitely a win/win/win!

While we were there, Juliette decided she wanted to climb up the stairs to the big slide. She sat at the top for awhile until a little girl sat by her, grabbed her hand and pulled her down with her. As you can see from the photo, it scared her and she spent the rest of the morning on solid ground playing with her cute friend, Emma.

The Browns also have a boy Isabella's age, which was fun too! I hardly got any pictures of her, so I had to post a blurry one. Blurry and all, she was there and very much on the move! Afterward, we hurried home and got all packed up to spend the night at out at the lake house. Isabella kept saying, "this is the BEST New Years Eve ever!"

And I believe her, seeing how we usually just carry on like any other day and then go to bed at a normal hour on New Years Eve. :)

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