Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Exciting News!

I don't know how to start a post like this, so I guess I'll just come out and say it! Will and I are hoping to adopt! While we don't necessarily think we have fertility issues, a few Sundays ago, during Sacrament Meeting at church, Will felt prompted that we should look into it. 

That same night, after he told me about this impression of his, I was a bit speechless at first… or maybe it’s because I was brushing my teeth when he told me. Either way, when I did finally find words, they went something like this:

"Are you sure it was a real prompting and not just a thought triggered because we were sitting behind the Richards?"

(The Richards are a beautiful family that has an adopted little boy. I remember admiring this family that Sunday myself, so I thought maybe that's what had sparked this adoption talk.)

"No, I'm sure it wasn't just a thought," he said, looking a little surprised at my question. "It was a thought and more a feeling. It was even getting me a bit choked up. But I know this is something you have to know for yourself as well."

Again, I was speechless, but began that very night to pray about it. At first I didn't have any overwhelming feelings one way or another, but I did keep having the thought that there was a specific child that Heavenly Father wanted to be in our family. As the week went on, I felt my heart really warm up to the idea. Don't get me wrong. I've always thought of adoption as an amazing and perfect thing to do, but for whatever reason, it's just never been something I've seriously considered for our family.

Will and I didn't talk about it again at all for about a week or so, and then I brought it up when we were out for lunch on his birthday.

As we talked about it, the Spirit spoke to me in a way that it hadn't before. We were both overcome with emotion. I think the waitress felt a little awkward coming around to fill our waters and give us our bill because we both had tears streaming down our faces. We just knew.

"Every time I think about it, I can't kick the feeling that there's a kid out there that Heavenly Father is looking out for."

When Will said that, I felt like he put my feelings into words perfectly! And as I've pondered about it more and more, I also can't help but feel like Heavenly Father knows our family needs this little one as much as he/she needs us.

Needless to say, that experience at lunch with Will was so moving, that it truly felt like the answer I was looking for, and we are super excited/nervous/overwhelmed as we embark on this adventure. We know that God works in mysterious ways and that maybe looking into adoption won't lead us to where we think it will lead us, but we're excited to move forward and see where this takes our family!

There, I said it! :)

PS. We’ve got a lot to learn, and we’re still very much in the research process, so if you have any tips or advise for us, it would be more than welcome!


  1. This is exciting news! And you never know what will happen. Follow your heart and the promptings. Torin came to us in such an amazing way that we would not have imagined. So, go for it! And enjoy life while you search out your options! Call if you want to chat! Kristy 801-834-2561

  2. Wow. That's pretty exciting/heavy/awesome all at the same time.
    Alll I know for sure is this: any child would be lucky to join your family!

  3. Made me tear up, too! How wonderful. Ditto what Amy said - any child would be lucky to join your family!!

  4. Marie that's very exciting! I will be looking forward to your updates. Good luck. I think you guys are terrific candidates for adopting!

  5. This really is such exciting news! and this is such a sweet post, whoever your future child is, they are going to be lucky to be part of your family :) so excited for you!

  6. Marie, you and Will are the most amazing parents and I think it is so SO great that you listen to the spirit, and those promptings! I am so happy for you guys and for this child! Wherever he or she may be! I am so so excited for you and your family! You all are such wonderful people! This makes me so happy! :)

  7. You are an ANGEL! There are so many little ones out there that just need the love of a family. You and Will, will be in my thoughts and prayers, as you embark on this journey :)

  8. Wonderful news! Maybe "twins" are in your future :)

  9. You would be the perfect family to bring a sweet little one into. What a blessing for them and you! Lindsay Hall from college was in the process of adopting and got pregnant, but she knows alot about it! I'll send this over to her.=) So excited to hear about it!




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