Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years Eve at the Lake!

We did something new for New Years Eve... we packed up and met Will's family out at the lake house. It was seriously such a blast, and the kids literally did one fun thing after another. We arrived around dinner time, and they played games with Will while Rise and I got things situated and unpacked in the kitchen. Then we had a delicious Mexican fiesta of a dinner, the kids painted little ornaments, and we all watched a movie together.

After putting the kids to bed, us adults started another movie, but one by one we fell like flies... sleep definitely won that night. We didn't even make it to midnight! I was so out I didn't hear a single fire work that night.

There were more games first thing the next morning with Aunt Tina. My kids are really into board games lately, and I was grateful I brought them! After breakfast, we all hopped in the pool. I can't believe I even got in. I hate, hate being cold and usually don't swim unless it's like 90 degrees out, but it was actually pretty warm and Isabella and I had so much fun dancing in the water together. We have this little swing routine we do. It's super fun!

We all got dried off and then made gingerbread houses, watched another movie, ate another delicious meal, and then let off some poppers in the yard before we headed back home. It was a wonderful and very memorable New Years! I'm so glad we could spend it out at the lake!
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  1. SO much fun for everyone! Happy New Year! Wishing you a wonderful year. xoxo

  2. Looks like a great time! Aaron was looking at the pictures with me and he is very jealous of the pool time you guys had!

  3. First thing Annabelle noticed? The buzzlightyear figure in the picture with Liam. :) That b&w is adorable, btw. And what a fun new years! So glad it was such a blast.




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