Sunday, January 13, 2013

Too Much Fun: Zoo Lights & Jump House

We packed in the fun on New Years Eve and New Years Eve EVE this year (well, technically speaking...last year). On the Eve EVE we met up with Will's parents at Zoo Lights. We had never done this before, and I was floored at how many people were there. That zoo was a ZOO! We had a great time, although the kids were less interested in lights and more interested in seeing real animals. I'll have to take them to the zoo this spring! It's been awhile... apparently too long because they couldn't stop asking about why the animals had to be sleeping.

Zoo Lights made for a late evening, but I couldn't resist meeting up with the Brown's at a jump house (Play Kitsap) the next morning (New Years Eve) because Liam has been dying to play with his buddy Aaron any chance he can get. These two little boys are so cute together, and it's fun to see Liam make a good friend. Whenever they are together they play happily with legos for hours. I love they they get along so well. And it was too cute when he came running up to me while we were at the jump house to say,

"Guess what, Mom! Aaron said that we can be best friends!"

I'd also promised Liam that I'd take him to a jump house if he'd give gymnastics a try (he was very reluctant). My bribery worked, and he's been taking gymnastics for a few months now and loves it!  Anyway, I needed to make good on my promise, too. Plus I got to hang out with my friend Courtney, so it was definitely a win/win/win!

While we were there, Juliette decided she wanted to climb up the stairs to the big slide. She sat at the top for awhile until a little girl sat by her, grabbed her hand and pulled her down with her. As you can see from the photo, it scared her and she spent the rest of the morning on solid ground playing with her cute friend, Emma.

The Browns also have a boy Isabella's age, which was fun too! I hardly got any pictures of her, so I had to post a blurry one. Blurry and all, she was there and very much on the move! Afterward, we hurried home and got all packed up to spend the night at out at the lake house. Isabella kept saying, "this is the BEST New Years Eve ever!"

And I believe her, seeing how we usually just carry on like any other day and then go to bed at a normal hour on New Years Eve. :)

    IMG_5814JumpHouse2012IMG_5815JumpHouse2012 IMG_5830JumpHouse2012 IMG_5852JumpHouse2012 IMG_5861JumpHouse2012 IMG_5865JumpHouse2012 IMG_5881JumpHouse2012 JumpHouse2012-1 IMG_5883JumpHouse2012 IMG_5887JumpHouse2012 IMG_5890JumpHouse2012-BW IMG_5895JumpHouse2012


  1. Cute!! Sounds like a very fun New Year's Eve!! And that jump house looks awesome.

  2. Cute pictures! My kids had a great time playing with yours. It is fun to see kids make such good friends (and to have a good friend in you)!

  3. Wow, you guys did party it up for the New Year! We celebrated by getting that fun stomach bug. :( Better luck next year, right?

    Also, that big slide at Play Kitsap gives me anxiety. That's where Penelope tried to break her arm and I had to take her home to Jill broken. Thankfully she was okay, but I'm still a bit traumatized.

  4. You had a much more exciting New Year's Eve than we did. So, so fun!




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