Sunday, February 24, 2013

Never-Gonna-Leave Memories

You know those little things you remember about your dad? Out of the thousands of memories there are to be had, it seems like the simplest things stick. I remember my dad always taking out his ballpoint pen during church or any down time, and tracing my fingers with it, then swirling the pen around my palm until he'd get to the middle with a little poke. I remember him telling us stories before bedtime about his childhood days. I remember wet kisses on my cheeks, and the biggest and best hugs. I remember him always buying me a little treat at the grocery store, letting me listen to my music whenever he drove me anywhere in the car. I remember him always saying after a yummy meal, "Oh, I ate too much!" like he couldn't help it. haha. They're the littlest things. But I think it's the little, endearing things about your family members that make you love them so much, and feel so much love from them. And before you know it, you're all grown up and those little things become big, huge, never-gonna-leave memories.

I think one of the things my kids will remember about Will is playing all sorts of tackle games on our bed. In this particular instance he was the monster. He'd capture one kid and the other two would try to rescue their captive sibling. What a fun dad he is!
IMG_8312MonsterDaddy2013IMG_8338MonsterDaddy2013 MonsterDaddy2013-1 IMG_8308MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8294MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8286MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8281MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8258MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8257MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8254MonsterDaddy2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Fabulous Trip to UT!

IMG_7423UTFeb2013 IMG_7437UTFeb2013 IMG_7459UTFeb2013 IMG_7474UTFeb2013 IMG_7486UTFeb2013 IMG_7517UTFeb2013 IMG_7537UTFeb2013BW IMG_7541UTFeb2013 IMG_7542UTFeb2013 IMG_7555UTFeb2013 IMG_7565UTFeb2013 IMG_7595UTFeb2013BW IMG_7594UTFeb2013 UTFeb2013-4 IMG_7721UTFeb2013 UTFeb2013-5 IMG_7773UTFeb2013 IMG_7779UTFeb2013 IMG_7786UTFeb2013 IMG_7792UTFeb2013
I couldn't pass up taking another trip to UT! I wanted to finally meet my newest nephew Henry (holy gorgeous baby boy), see my little brother Christian off on his mission (tear), and be with my mom who was in town from Germany (love her!)! It was wonderful!!

Here are some definite highlights:

*Watching my mom and Emma try to squeeze Henry into his blessing outfit. Henry had a lot to say about that.

*Christian had a bunch of his friends over to hang out one night, and being with them made me really nostalgic for my college days. I'm so happy in the here and now, and I LOVED college, but I rarely miss it so much that I want to go back. But listening to Christian jam and seeing him with his best friends really made me want to go relive those days! They all had us laughing and singing along. I loved it.

*Sneaking in as many good eats and shopping trips as we possibly could. Good thing I don't live in UT or I'd be fat and broke! ;)

*Seeing my best friend Mindi from high school. None of the pictures turned out (so sad), but I truly loved seeing her. She now has four kids and we went to her oldest daughter's baptism.

*Getting to the airport for my flight home on Feb. 4th and being told that they couldn't find me anywhere in the system and there was no such flight. Turns out I had accidentally booked my flight home for March 4th. Of course there were no flights for later that night, so back to Provo I went and caught another flight the next morning. I am so special to manage to do things like this all the time. :/

Anyway, until next time, UT. Here's to hoping I can keep up my bi-annual visits! :)



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