Sunday, February 24, 2013

Never-Gonna-Leave Memories

You know those little things you remember about your dad? Out of the thousands of memories there are to be had, it seems like the simplest things stick. I remember my dad always taking out his ballpoint pen during church or any down time, and tracing my fingers with it, then swirling the pen around my palm until he'd get to the middle with a little poke. I remember him telling us stories before bedtime about his childhood days. I remember wet kisses on my cheeks, and the biggest and best hugs. I remember him always buying me a little treat at the grocery store, letting me listen to my music whenever he drove me anywhere in the car. I remember him always saying after a yummy meal, "Oh, I ate too much!" like he couldn't help it. haha. They're the littlest things. But I think it's the little, endearing things about your family members that make you love them so much, and feel so much love from them. And before you know it, you're all grown up and those little things become big, huge, never-gonna-leave memories.

I think one of the things my kids will remember about Will is playing all sorts of tackle games on our bed. In this particular instance he was the monster. He'd capture one kid and the other two would try to rescue their captive sibling. What a fun dad he is!
IMG_8312MonsterDaddy2013IMG_8338MonsterDaddy2013 MonsterDaddy2013-1 IMG_8308MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8294MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8286MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8281MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8258MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8257MonsterDaddy2013 IMG_8254MonsterDaddy2013


  1. Monster is a pretty familiar game over here must be a winner! :)
    Juliette looks so, so grown up in these pictures. Must be time to turn three soon!

  2. These pictures are so so adorable!! Looks like this Monster Game is a big hit :) And I love all those small things about dad. He is the greatest!!

  3. Yep, that game is also popular in our house. Even Sarah and Chloe still play it! Such fun pictures.

  4. Such a fun game and pictures, and memories!

  5. I love the second to last picture where Juliette is just nice and cozy in Will's arm and he's still wrestling with the other two. So fun!

  6. Will is such a sweet dad! I want to try out this monster games! Looks like the kiddos have a blast playing it! so cute :)




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