Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cancun Part 4: The Beach

Hands down, my favorite part about Cancun was the beach! We didn't spend a ton of time there, though (which is so crazy to me!). We went there twice. I think the first time was on my first day there-- the kids played with their Mexican friends Diego and Luciana there that day. And then on our very last morning in Cancun, we hiked to a beautiful beach where the kids could play in the waves. The water was the most spectacular sea blue that day and the sand so white. It was breathtaking.

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And just keeping it real... here's our attempt at a family picture right before it was time to race back to our room, pack up and head to the airport. I was giving Rise the thumbs up sign signaling her that we were done. It just wasn't happenin'. Oh well! haha


Monday, March 18, 2013

Cancun Part 3: Chichen Itza!


Initially, it was really quite hard for me to get excited about going to Chichen Itza (one of the seven wonders of the world!), but only because I'd just finally been reunited with my family in Cancun. Leaving my children on my second day there, wasn't exactly my idea of a great time, even if it was just for a day. But it was pretty much now or never, and I found great comfort in knowing they were in good, good hands with their Grandma and Grandpa.

In hindsight, though, I'm so, so glad that we went! It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I feel like my grasp of the Book of Mormon became all the more visual in my mind, setting foot where it's likely the Nephites and Lamanites in the Book of Mormon lived. It was amazing to see these Mayan ruins, mostly temples, uncovered. Seriously, eye opening and breathtakingly beautiful in it's own way.

What made our tour all the more enjoyable was our Mormon tour guide, named Lemuel. If you're familiar with the Book of Mormon at all, then you know that Lemuel wasn't the best guy in the book--not the worst by any means, but he had a bad attitude and was really mean to his brother, Nephi. He was even visited by an angel and was still a big grump about the gospel of Jesus Christ. So anyway, it was quite amusing that our tour guide's name was Lemuel! He told us in his Spanish accent that he asked his mother, "Why you name me Lemuel? Don't you know who Lemuel was?"

And his mother said to him, "I ran out of good Book of Mormon names (he has brothers named Nephi and Sam etc.), and I like the name Lemuel. We see how you do."

It turns out Lemuel, the tour guide, has done very well with that name. He actually loves it, and even named his own son, Lemuel, who is serving a mission for our church right now. Anyway, we really loved him, and would highly recommend him to anyone!

So yes, Will and I had a wonderful time together. I soak up any alone time with my best friend, and this was an adventure I won't soon forget. I even jumped in (a freezing) natural spring with him. It was gorgeous. Of course, my camera died when we got there, but at least I had my phone to snap a few pics of that!

So long, Chichen Itza. You're now one of my favorite wonders of the world...

Cancun Part 2: The Pool!

IMG_8904Cancun2013 Cancun2013-2 IMG_9119Cancun2013 Cancun2013-10 IMG_9000Cancun2013BW IMG_8933Cancun2013 Cancun2013-3 IMG_8960Cancun2013BW IMG_8544Cancun2013 Cancun2013-5 Cancun2013-12 IMG_8523Cancun2013 Cancun2013-13 IMG_8542Cancun2013 IMG_8603Cancun2013 IMG_8708Cancun2013 IMG_8709Cancun2013 IMG_8721Cancun2013 IMG_8977Cancun2013BW Cancun2013-4 IMG_8995Cancun2013BW IMG_9036Cancun2013 IMG_8610Cancun2013

I'm finally blogging out about our Cancun trip--the parts I was there for, anyway! I made it there on Tuesday around lunch time and I was so, so happy to be there! The kids were all suited up for the pool, and so we had a quick lunch and then they showed me this favorite pool of theirs, where I'd say we spent 80% of our time. I think they loved this pool so much because the whole thing was pretty shallow, and there were also a couple of "hot" tubs that they loved jumping back and forth between. Right next to the pool was also a jungle/beach area where they could play in the sand. And I loved this pool because it was really warm, so I had no problem getting in!

The kids made quick friends with any children that came around, and I think their favorite friend was a Mexican boy named Diego about Isabella's age. They played a game where they'd take turns hiding the beach toys from each other. This kept them entertained for what seemed like hours! Isabella got sick on Thursday and didn't feel up to doing much but resting on the lawn chair. She didn't get better until a few days after we got home, so she was down and out for about five days! It was the longest time I've ever seen her that sick, and I felt so terrible that she had to travel home feeling so rotten. And, of course, one by one we each got this terrible flu bug, so we were down and out for the entire week after we got back, hence the reason it's taken me so long to get blogging about Cancun!

But we're all healthy now, thank heavens! I've never been so happy to have an illness behind us. This trip was really fun and I sure enjoyed the sunshine and our time together as a family, but I'm also just really grateful for our normal day-to-day routine! I think that's one of the great things about vacation... you're always ready to come home! Actually, I might be the only one that feels this way. The kids can't stop talking about going back to Mexico! They really had the time of their lives.

Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4!



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