Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cancun Part 4: The Beach

Hands down, my favorite part about Cancun was the beach! We didn't spend a ton of time there, though (which is so crazy to me!). We went there twice. I think the first time was on my first day there-- the kids played with their Mexican friends Diego and Luciana there that day. And then on our very last morning in Cancun, we hiked to a beautiful beach where the kids could play in the waves. The water was the most spectacular sea blue that day and the sand so white. It was breathtaking.

IMG_9400Cancun2013-H Cancun2013-25 IMG_9332Cancun2013 Cancun2013-8 IMG_8756Cancun2013 Cancun2013-9 IMG_9333Cancun2013 Cancun2013-24 IMG_9283Cancun2013 IMG_8769Cancun2013 IMG_9331Cancun2013 IMG_8761Cancun2013 IMG_8752Cancun2013 Cancun2013-16

And just keeping it real... here's our attempt at a family picture right before it was time to race back to our room, pack up and head to the airport. I was giving Rise the thumbs up sign signaling her that we were done. It just wasn't happenin'. Oh well! haha



  1. things dreams are made of, for sure! I love the thumbs up picture!

  2. That beach is beautiful...but you and your family on the beach is beyond gorgeous! It looks like you all belong there. I LOVE that photo of you in the sunglasses. You look for glamorous!




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