Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We have a family "no sleepovers" rule. The kids haven't ever asked me to have a sleepover before (I don't think). I'm not sure if it's because they just know we'll say no, or if they haven't had much interest yet, but they were super thrilled when their friends got to spend the night while my friend Jen delivered her baby!

And I figured I better document it seeing how it was my kids' first sleepover! I'm noticing that I didn't get any pictures of my kids--Isabella, especially, in any of the pictures! (If I remember correctly, she was pouting about something just feet away on her bed...silly girl!)

Oh well! It was so, so fun to have these girls over and be in on all the excitement. I couldn't believe how quickly my friend Jen had her baby. Seriously, about an hour or so after they dropped the kids off, she had her fifth beautiful girl and named her Savannah! Hurray!
IMG_8340Sleepover2013IMG_8367Sleepover2013 IMG_8397Sleepover2013 IMG_8374Sleepover2013 IMG_8386Sleepover2013 IMG_8387Sleepover2013


  1. oh man, Marie... I love this post and your pictures. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my lovely nieces. You are a blessing!

  2. They look like they had a blast!

  3. Your nieces were ANGELS (as usual), Jessica. It was so much fun to have them and this made for some wonderful memories!

  4. These pictures are adorable!! And you're so sweet to have hosted them :)

  5. These pictures are adorable!! And you're so sweet to have hosted them :)

  6. Thanks so much Marie! I know they were in heaven at your house. We still want to take you all out to ice cream when everyone is feeling better! :)

  7. This is seriously adorable. I can't wait til Cole is old enough and we can have lots of friends over for sleep overs!!! or maybe I can wait, sounds kind of stressful haha but your kids look so adorable with their friends :)




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