Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome to the PNW, Emma, Treena and Tiffany!

My sister Emma's hubby went out of town clear to Ukraine to finish up a movie he was making, and at the last minute Emma and I were trying to figure a way to get her up here for a visit while he was away. The plane tickets were super expensive since we were shopping for them so last minute, and her husband Jake didn't want her to make the drive from Utah alone (rightfully so! neither did I!), so we tried to think of someone who might want to make the LONG drive up here with her and her sweet babies. I immediately thought of our cousins Tiffany and Treena who we adore, and who I've been dying to have come visit us anyway. When Emma contacted them about it, they said they would love to but couldn't get the work off with such short notice. Bummer! We asked what seemed like 20 different people after Tiff and Treena, but no one could swing it so last minute. We about gave up on that idea,  our visions of girl time vanishing into thin air.

But then! But then! A few days later, Tiff and Treena called Em and proposed that they come a few days later than we were originally planning because that was doable with their work schedules! It wouldn't overlap with Jake's Ukraine trip perfectly, but it was going to work!! I love spontaneous get togethers like this and enjoyed every minute with all of them. I obviously love Emma to the moon, and Tiff and Treena have always had a very special place in my heart. They are the best!

It was quite the adventure for them to road trip all the way up here, but they made it here and back (barely, haha)! Here is a little bit of what their first full day here looked like... playing and shopping. Ya know. Gotta kick of a girls weekend right!

More to come!
 IMG_9444ETTVisit2013 IMG_9473ETTVisit2013 IMG_9471ETTVisit2013 IMG_9466ETTVisit2013 IMG_9432ETTVisit2013 ETTVisit2013-1

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Her New Annie Dress!

My mom is so good at dreaming up the most unique, heartfelt and adorable gifts. It's definitely a talent she has! So, seeing how Juliette loves to sing and dress-up, this year for her birthday Grandma Lisa sewed her a new dress-up... an Annie dress! She also sent the movie Annie, and a little stuffed "Sandy" dog along in the package. Too, too cute! I can hardly take it... my very own blonde-haired Annie!

IMG_0549AnnieDress2013 AnnieDress2013-1 IMG_0577AnnieDress2013 AnnieDress2013-2 IMG_0542AnnieDress2013 AnnieDress2013-3 IMG_0540AnnieDress2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


IMG_0088Easter2013 IMG_0096Easter2013 IMG_0100Easter2013BW IMG_0086Easter2013 IMG_0081Easter2013 IMG_0079Easter2013 Easter2013-1 IMG_0077Easter2013 Easter2013-2 IMG_0144Easter2013 IMG_0129Easter2013 IMG_0127Easter2013 Easter2013-3 IMG_0251Easter2013 IMG_0302Easter2013 IMG_0183Easter2013 IMG_0190Easter2013 IMG_0168Easter2013

In a seven-day span, we celebrated Liam's birthday, I was in charge of the New Beginnings program for my Young Women at church, we celebrated Juliette's birthday and then Easter! I'm not gonna lie, by the end of that week, I was completely pooped! And 8:30am church doesn't help (even though I generally like early-morning church)! I think it's funny that Liam's yawning in one of his pictures with his Easter basket. haha

Easter was lovely as usual, though. I especially loved the talks at church that spoke of what a gift the resurrection is. I'm so thankful for my body! It is an amazing thing that we will all someday be resurrected like Jesus Christ was... that the sting of death is gone, thanks to our Savior. I'm so, so grateful for that. And while I do enjoy the special Easter outfits, watching my kids go crazy at the Easter egg hunts, and taking pictures of it all, most of all I love the spirit of this sacred holiday!

 Happy Easter, everyone!

JuJu the Gymnast!

I've written about this before, but for months, Juliette has been watching on the sidelines while Isabella and Liam have done their gymnastics classes. Now that she's three, she is now finally all signed up herself, and it has been so fun to watch her. I love how her outtie belly button is so visible though her leotard. And I love how much she loves going!

We've got her going to a different gym than the other two go to. We're interested in this gym because it's a bit closer to our house. If we continue to like this new gym as much as we have, we will probably eventually switch the other two over. I don't know if it's because Juliette's class is on a Saturday morning or what, but she gets SO much attention and I've been really impressed with the instruction. The optional girls also work out at this time, so it's fun to watch them do all their crazy tricks, too.

Oh, gymnastics, you do have a soft place in my heart.

IMG_9927JuJuGym2013 IMG_9933JuJuGym2013

Juliette's 3rd Birthday!

Juliette's3rdBday2013-3 IMG_9869Juliette's3rd2013BW IMG_0081Easter2013 IMG_9883Juliette's3rd2013 IMG_9882Juliette's3rd2013 IMG_0420Juliette3rdBday2013 IMG_0425Juliette's3rd2013 IMG_0402Juliette's3rd2013 IMG_0380Juliette's3rd2013 Juliette'sBday2013-1 IMG_0368Juliette's3rd2013 Juliette's3rdBday2013-2 IMG_0430Juliette's3rd2013 Juliette's3rdBday2013-4

We spread Juliette's birthday celebrations out over three days... I'm always a fan of extending birthday festivities! Her birthday also landed on the Friday before Easter weekend, so there was lots of Easter fun sprinkled between the birthday fun.

On her actual birthday, we had one of her favorite friends, Maren, over in the afternoon for a playdate and cupcakes. They had a great time together, and got to enjoy lots of sunshine outside. When Will got home, we opened a handful of presents with her and then we all went out to Red Robin for a yummy dinner. I'm not sure if she liked the Red Robin peeps singing to her, but she did like her ice cream sundae!

The next day (Saturday), we got to give her a present I've been dying to give her! Because you have to be three years old to sign up for gymnastics (other than a mom&tots class), one of her "birthday presents" was signing her up! Hurray! I about died at how cute she was out there. I couldn't help smile ear to ear watching, and I have a ton of pictures to prove it. So many, that it will have to make for another post. After gymnastics, we went to an Easter egg hunt where all the kids enjoyed another gorgeous day and lots of candy and friends.

And then Sunday was Easter, so we had a combined Easter/Family Birthday Dinner for Juliette that evening which called for a few more presents and a unicorn birthday cake that was lovingly made by her daddy!

My sweet JuJu is so loved. I cherish that little girl so much. She has the most easy-going, happy personality. Her sweet spirit lights up our home and makes her all the more beautiful. Beauty really does come from the inside, and while I think she's drop dead gorgeous on the outside, her inner beauty is what I love about her.

I know I won't be able to jot down everything I love about her, but here are some things of late that make me smile...

At her birthday dinner, the first present she opened was a gift from Isabella... it was her very own paperback copy of The Book of Mormon. (I love how Isabella goes shopping in her bedroom for gifts.) Her gifts are always so heartfelt, so Juliette's thrilled reaction to Isabella's gift was priceless, as you can see from the pictures.

If I get hurt at all... or worried or sad or anything, she always tilts her head and puts her eyes right up to my face and says, "You alright, Mommy?"

The other day I reached my arms out for her, to pull her out of the bathtub. "Come here, love bug," I said.

She looked at me like I was completely crazy, scrunched her nose and said. "I don't love bugs."

A handful of times, she's told me out of the blue, "Jesus loves you so much, Mommy." And honestly, whenever this happens (and it's always so unexpected), I truly feel Jesus' love wrap around me like she's His personal little messenger.

It still blows my mind every time, but this kid will smile on demand and pretty much do whatever I tell her to for a picture. She is such a doll!

Juliette is truly a gift to our family and has brought us insurmountable joy! I'm quite sad that she's three. Babyhood is officially over, but I do take comfort in knowing that I've cherished every ounce of baby in this little girl.  Love you to the moon, my Julietta!



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