Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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In a seven-day span, we celebrated Liam's birthday, I was in charge of the New Beginnings program for my Young Women at church, we celebrated Juliette's birthday and then Easter! I'm not gonna lie, by the end of that week, I was completely pooped! And 8:30am church doesn't help (even though I generally like early-morning church)! I think it's funny that Liam's yawning in one of his pictures with his Easter basket. haha

Easter was lovely as usual, though. I especially loved the talks at church that spoke of what a gift the resurrection is. I'm so thankful for my body! It is an amazing thing that we will all someday be resurrected like Jesus Christ was... that the sting of death is gone, thanks to our Savior. I'm so, so grateful for that. And while I do enjoy the special Easter outfits, watching my kids go crazy at the Easter egg hunts, and taking pictures of it all, most of all I love the spirit of this sacred holiday!

 Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Liam is a stud. The end. He looks so handsome in that shirt I got him - what a handsome little dude :)
    And I love the picture of your kids in that swing, just like last year! So stunning. I especially loved Easter this year too. Happy Easter :)

  2. I don't think I have seen more gorgeous kids! They are absolutely beautiful! I can't believe your baby is 3! What fun. :-)

  3. Sweet post. Love the pictures. Happy Easter!

  4. I cant believe how grown up your kids are!! (I feel like I am constantly saying that) haha they are so beautiful! I'm so glad you had a wonderful easter! The Atonement is amazing! Such a blessing. And these pictures are beautiful! :)

  5. In the picture that is Black and White Bella looks exactly like you Marie, WOW! I have never noticed that before! Such beautiful pictures, as always




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