Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Liam's 5th Birthday!

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It cracks me up how excited my kids get about picking out a birthday cereal prior to their big day. Liam chose Fruit Loops this year, and was up at the crack of dawn on his birthday to eat them. But then again, he's always up at the crack of dawn.

Will and I were also up early--before the crack of dawn-- to decorate the house and wrap his presents. We should have done these things on Saturday night, but we were both completely wiped out and chose to snuggle up to a movie instead.

That next morning we had to be at the church at 8am (we have 8:30am church), to practice a song Isabella and I sang with the church choir. While we were practicing, I loved looking down at Liam sitting in the middle of a pew with his best little buddy, Aaron. After the practice, Liam came up to me and showed me the birthday card Aaron made for him. Such a sweet gesture. There's something about watching other people love/celebrate your kids, that just melts my heart--especially coming from another child!

So yeah, Liam's birthday landed on a Sunday this year, and he was so excited that he was asked to give the scripture and prayer in Primary on his birthday--I can't help but smile whenever he gets up to the microphone because he eats it up, and really loves being asked to do these things. And I have to give a shout out to his awesome Primary teachers, Sister Campbell and Sister Bunting. They even gave him a cupcake for his birthday and are always going the extra mile with their lessons. I want to be more like that!

After church we kept quite busy getting ready for his family birthday dinner. Will was so sweet and made the pirate cake for me, and I had lots of helpers amongst Grandmas and Grandpas and aunties with the dinner, too. I was so grateful since it was a really busy day at church for me. For his special dinner, Liam requested hamburgers and mac and cheese, so we ended up having a "summer BBQ" of sorts. The weather was absolutely beautiful that day, so it really did feel like we were kicking off summer!

Before we opened presents, I insisted on getting some pictures taken with my birthday boy. I think I want to make that a tradition. And Liam was pretty much bouncing off the walls with excitement until we finally got to opening presents, all of which he loved, loved. I asked him what his favorite present was, and he thought really hard and then concluded, "I just loved all of them!"

And some things I want to remember about the day are that Juliette beat him to blowing out his birthday candles. It was pretty funny. So we got to light candles and sing "Happy Birthday" to him twice. Right after Liam blew out his candles, he proudly announced, "Mommy! I didn't spit this time!" (Last year he literally drooled all over his cake when he was blowing out the candles.) And then after we cut into the cake, he was concerned and asked, "Mom! Did you get a picture of my pirate cake!?" I told him I did, and he looked so relieved. He really was in love with that cake. Cute, cute kid.

Some things that I love in general about Liam at 5 years old is how I often find him "protecting" Juliette. He loves to help her get up and down off the trampoline, and he often takes her gently by the shoulders to guide her to this or that place. I don't know that Juliette likes it as much as I do, but someday she'll appreciate having a protective older brother.

I love that Liam will still wear whatever I tell him to without batting an eye. He is so, so fun to dress. The girls are way too opinionated, and while I can talk them into wearing what I want them to wear, I'm starting to give up a little with them because it's usually not worth the battle! Liam also stays in the same outfit all day long which is quite the phenomenon in this house!

He loves books, puzzles, Legos. He loves doing funky flips and tricks on the trampoline. He's got a really good surprise tackle on him. He is a big tease and loves to get a reaction out of his sisters. He loves movies and playing outside in the forest, and riding his bike. He doesn't like meat. He wants me to make him a "mustard and cheese" sandwich nearly every day for lunch. He likes to eat, eat, eat. I think he out eats all of us, honestly. All in all, he's just a super kid who loves life and has parents who think he is the best thing ever!

Thank heaven for this little boy!


  1. I love this whole things. The pictures are, of course, great! I love that he made sure you knew he didn't spit on the cake. I remember that video. So funny! I can't believe it has been another year. Stop growing, Liam!

  2. Oh, and major props to Will!

  3. Happy, Happy, Birthday Liam! We love him too!

  4. Happy, Happy, Birthday Liam! We love him too!

  5. That cake is awesome!! Way to go. And the pictures are so great. That Liam is one handsome boy. You better watch out because he's going to have all the girls chasing him!

  6. I am always telling David how I love Liam's style.

  7. You are the cutest, funnest, mom, ever!!! You always throw your kids the funnest parties! Happy (late) Birthday to Liam!




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