Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome to the PNW, Emma, Treena and Tiffany!

My sister Emma's hubby went out of town clear to Ukraine to finish up a movie he was making, and at the last minute Emma and I were trying to figure a way to get her up here for a visit while he was away. The plane tickets were super expensive since we were shopping for them so last minute, and her husband Jake didn't want her to make the drive from Utah alone (rightfully so! neither did I!), so we tried to think of someone who might want to make the LONG drive up here with her and her sweet babies. I immediately thought of our cousins Tiffany and Treena who we adore, and who I've been dying to have come visit us anyway. When Emma contacted them about it, they said they would love to but couldn't get the work off with such short notice. Bummer! We asked what seemed like 20 different people after Tiff and Treena, but no one could swing it so last minute. We about gave up on that idea,  our visions of girl time vanishing into thin air.

But then! But then! A few days later, Tiff and Treena called Em and proposed that they come a few days later than we were originally planning because that was doable with their work schedules! It wouldn't overlap with Jake's Ukraine trip perfectly, but it was going to work!! I love spontaneous get togethers like this and enjoyed every minute with all of them. I obviously love Emma to the moon, and Tiff and Treena have always had a very special place in my heart. They are the best!

It was quite the adventure for them to road trip all the way up here, but they made it here and back (barely, haha)! Here is a little bit of what their first full day here looked like... playing and shopping. Ya know. Gotta kick of a girls weekend right!

More to come!
 IMG_9444ETTVisit2013 IMG_9473ETTVisit2013 IMG_9471ETTVisit2013 IMG_9466ETTVisit2013 IMG_9432ETTVisit2013 ETTVisit2013-1


  1. Oh, this was such a fun trip!! And I can't believe how huge my boy looks in my arms in those last pictures. Haha. He is so squishy! :) And I loved every minute of our time with you. So so glad T&T were my roadtrip buddies too :)

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! Wish I could have been there too . . . well, except for that LONG drive!




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