Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Emma/Tiff/Treena Visit: Sunday

Nooo, tell me it isn't so. Has it really been a month since I last blogged? I hate that I'm so behind, but it is what it is! So, a month ago, on the Sunday when Emma and cousins Tiff and Treena were here, we got a spontaneous and way-to-short visit from another fabulous cousin of ours---Scarlet and her little girl! We were only able to see her for a few hours, but it was so great to catch up a little and meet her youngest little beauty.

Sunday was also Treena's birthday, so a chocolate cake and birthday dinner were in order. Will's parents were excited to see our fun visitors too, so they had us over for dinner that night. It ended up being one of our classic family birthday dinners, and I loved having an excuse to buy a few little gifts and eat chocolate cake!

Seeing these pictures makes me miss these beautiful people in my life!

Next up, our day trip to Seattle!

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