Thursday, June 27, 2013

Germany: Lissie's Baccalaureate and Graduation!

We're home from our three-week trip to Germany, and I feel extremely thankful to have been able to go! Every minute we get to spend in Germany with my parents is priceless to me, and I certainly cherish every memory we made on this trip.

So, first up, we were able to go to Lissie's baccalaureate and graduation while we were there, both of which she sang at. She sang with a special choir at baccalaureate, and then sang a solo at graduation--the German national anthem, and it was absolutely beautiful! I'm pretty sure I got chills and teary eyed listening to her. It didn't help my emotions to know that hers was the very last graduation ceremony for Heidelberg High School because the military base is closing there. And Lissie did us all proud by graduating with honors! What an amazing girl she is.

One of the things I've always loved about both of these ceremonies is the setting! Downtown Heidelberg has to be one of my all-time favorite places on this earth...with the castle up on the hill, the river running through the city, the cobblestone beneath the classy architecture and shops... everything is so romantic and breathtaking, it really is. I don't think I'll ever visit Heidelberg for the last time. I'll keep coming back because it is just so special! I hope these pictures do a little speaking for themselves, but they really don't do any of it justice. In fact, I sit here drowning in pictures from our trip and yet I wish I would've taken more!

Anyway, congrats again, Lissie! It was wonderful to share in your special day!
  IMG_2956LissieGrad2013IMG_2975LissieGrad2013 IMG_2929LissieGrad2013 IMG_2973LissieGrad2013 IMG_2916LissieGrad2013 IMG_2945LissieGrad2013 LissieGrad2013-4 IMG_3183LissieGrad2013 IMG_3198Lissie'sGrad2013 LissieGrad2013-3 IMG_3196LissieGrad2013 LissieGrad2013-5 IMG_3256Lissie'sGrad2013 IMG_3246Lissie'sGrad2013 IMG_3243Lissie'sGrad2013 IMG_3284Lissie'sGrad2013 LissieGrad2013-2 IMG_3305LissieGrad2013 IMG_3286Lissie'sGrad2013 LissieGrad2013-1 IMG_3285Lissie'sGrad2013 IMG_3306LissieGrad2013


  1. These pictures are all amazing. Lissie is so beautiful and so is Heidelberg!

  2. Gah. I wanna go hoooome!!! :( All these pictures are so stunning. Heidelberg really is so breathtaking. And Lissie is one amazing girl!!

  3. Will is one great dad to wear a flower headband...I assume it was for the kids, but I suppose maybe he just likes to wear flower headbands ;)

  4. Marie, these pictures are so beautiful! I'm really happy that you got to go home and that you had such a wonderful trip :)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to post this Marie. The pictures are beautiful. And don't we all just love Heidelberg? Congrats again to Lissie too.

  6. Those pictures are SO amazing! Brought back memories of my trip there! I can't believe I got to go! Your kids are adorable! Looks like a fun trip! So glad you got to go!




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