Monday, August 26, 2013

And He's Off!

Liam learned how to ride a bike without training wheels this summer! Now he's zipping all over the place on that thing. He learned how to do it one evening while we were cleaning out the car. Having him start out on his smaller bike made all the difference in the world. Our neighbor, Eden, learned how to ride on a small bike like this, and I thought it was a genius idea--much less scary for kids to start out on! It cracks me up how huge he looks on that little thing, though.

Go, Liam!
IMG_9659LiamRidingBike2013LiamRidingBike2013-1 IMG_9654LiamRidingBike2013 IMG_9647LiamRidingBike2013 IMG_9636LiamRidingBike2013 IMG_9635LiamRidingBike2013 IMG_9633LiamRidingBike2013 IMG_9626LiamRidingBike2013 IMG_9619LiamRidingBike2013


  1. Way to go Liam!!! Whenever Cole sees kids on their bikes he asks me for one :) I tell him that once he potty trains I will get him a new bike. :)




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