Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family Home Evening Fun

I can't tell you how much I love Family Home Evening every Monday night. For anyone who doesn't know what FHE is, I'll briefly explain. Every Monday evening families in our church have been asked to set aside time to be together as a family... learning together about how to be more Christlike, serving others, working, playing... and eating a yummy treat! You can do it however you like, but basically it's just a time for families to be together, and we love it!

Juliette almost always leads us in an opening song, and I've really been enjoying being able to accompany the singing on my new piano that I got for my birthday earlier this year. Someone gives a prayer, and then Will or I teach a little lesson. Lately for the activity, we've been tackling house/yard projects. Surprisingly enough, the kids have loved this. There's something about working together that makes chores a million times more fun. On this particular evening, we decided to finish up thatching our lawn. Liam was really hard-working and into it, doing a great job with the rake. And the girls really enjoyed gathering up all the dead grass and piling it into the wheelbarrow.

Will decided that after all that hard-work, a water fight was in order. I was a little nervous about how this would go. Would the girls squeal and cry? (I'd be squealing and crying! haha) Would everyone fight over the hose? Well, it turned out to be a huge hit, and I strategically stayed behind my camera to guarantee the water stay clear of me.

It was such a blast to watch! I love these people so much! (Oh, and the girl you probably don't recognize is our next-door neighbor. I love her, too! We're all huge fans of this little one, and love it when she comes over.)
IMG_9097ThatchingFHE2013IMG_9090ThatchingFHE2013 ThatchingFHE2013-1 IMG_9104ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9126ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9130ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9164ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9168ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9141ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9166ThatchingFHE2013 ThatchingFHE2013-2 IMG_9161ThatchingFHE2013 ThatchingFHE2013-3 IMG_9310ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9309ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9301ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9257ThatchingFHE2013 ThatchingFHE2013-4 IMG_9256ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9254ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9240ThatchingFHE2013 IMG_9235ThatchingFHE2013 ThatchingFHE2013-5 IMG_9233ThatchingFHE2013


  1. Oh my goodness, those water fight pictures are hilarious!! Will is having the time of his life. Haha. And what a great family home evening!

  2. Awesome pictures that totally make me miss your family.

  3. This is great. I love the pictures of JuJu hiding by the side of the house. SO much fun!

  4. Looks like another perfect FHE! Love the pictures, again!

  5. Your FHEs sounds awesome!!!! We need to do cool stuff like this! I love all these pictures. You guys are such a beautiful family. So glad we have you guys to look up to!

  6. I can hear the laughter/squealing...wonderful pics!




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