Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Splashing in the Fountains

We don't just thatch the lawn and clean the car for Family Home Evening activities, we've also had a lot of pure fun on Monday nights this summer. Every year we try to take the foot ferry from Port Orchard across the water to the Bremerton Fountain Park. I love this place! I especially loved this sunny evening because we pretty much had the fountains to ourselves. The kids were braver than they've ever been...running from fountain to fountain dying to get dumped on. It never seemed to get old. Afterward we stopped at Cold Stone and shared a big cup of ice cream. This evening was just perfect and felt like one of the magical family outings where everyone is happy and all is right in the world. Loved it!
IMG_9375FountainPark2013FountainPark2013-3 IMG_9561FountainPark2013 IMG_9505FountainPark2013 IMG_9478FountainPark2013 IMG_9475FountainPark2013 FountainPark2013-2 IMG_9467FountainPark2013 IMG_9444FountainPark2013 IMG_9450FountainPark2013 FountainPark2013-1 IMG_9462FountainPark2013


  1. These photos are so beautiful. Looks like a total blast! I miss those kiddos of yours!

  2. Isn't it great to have active and fun kids?! I love that mine can be so entertained by something so simple and usually free, which is great too!! Those kids are getting so big! Will be nice to see another one of your sweet babies.=)

  3. Love this place. We finally made it out there, too!

  4. Such beautiful pictures! I love to see pictures of kids playing. These make me so happy.

  5. Sounds like the perfect FHE! Pretty pictures!

  6. These pictures are so fun!! I love them all. Your kids are going to love looking over these one day :)




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