Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We'll All Have Tea!

Wow, I've blogged for five straight days in a row... I don't think this has ever happened!

So, today's post is about how Isabella and her friend Olivia decided to recite a poem called, "Polly Put the Kettle On" in our library's annual summer talent show. It was a really simple and short poem about two girls putting on tea.

My favorite thing about this experience was that it was completely Isabella's idea and both of the girls' drive that made it happen. I was secretly hoping we'd be on vacation, so we could eliminate this from our already crazy summer schedule. (I'm horrible.) But this is her second year reciting a poem in the talent show, and I keep hearing her brainstorm about what she is going to do in the talent show next year, so I have a feeling I should just plan on this being an annual thing. And really, I'm glad she likes to do these things. It's a great experience to get up in front of a large group of people and share a talent. And my, they looked awfully cute in their aprons and matching skirts that my friend Jen made.

It was especially fun that so many of our neighborhood friends participated in the talent show with their serious magic trick skills and beautiful singing voices. I love these kids. Every day I'm grateful to live in such a fabulous neighborhood loaded with best kind of people and great friends.

So, without further ado, here are some photos of the girls before we headed over to the library, and then some of them waiting for their turn to perform and also setting up their tea table.  I didn't take many pics during their performance because I was videoing... I'll add that video to this post eventually!

   LibraryTalentShow2013-1IMG_0380LibraryTalentShow2013 IMG_0340LibraryTalentShow2013 LibraryTalentShow2013-2 LibraryTalentShow2013-3 IMG_0426LibraryTalentShow2013 IMG_0420LibraryTalentShow2013 IMG_0431LibraryTalentShow2013 IMG_0436LibraryTalentShow2013 IMG_0435LibraryTalentShow2013 IMG_0335LibraryTalentShow2013


  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable are those two tea girls!! I love these photos. You're making me wanna pick up my camera again :):)

  2. So adorable! I'm gushing over here. :)

  3. So cute Marie. Thanks for inviting Olivia. It turned into a family event!

  4. This is like the cutest thing I've ever seen! Bella and her friends are so adorable!! What a fun memory :)

  5. Also, why can't I have hair like Olivia?!?!! Lucky little girl!! :)

  6. They are both (okay ALL of those girls are) SOOOOO gorgeous!

  7. What a sweet group! I can't wait to see the video . . . and maybe I should suggest this for our library?




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