Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodbye, Friends.

As a mom, I find great joy in watching my kids make good friends. I remember my very first friends as a child--Summer Rief and Sarah Folsom, and I know I will always remember my kids' very first really good friends. To make a dear friend is the sweetest thing! So, yes, it was quite a bummer to say goodbye to  the Browns. Liam and Aaron were best buds and have had quite a few playdates together over the last few years.

One of the most memorable was when they decided it would be fun to barricade the girls out of Liam's room. I should've known to check on them. I just figured they were quietly playing Legos like they normally do. But no, not this time. I was absolutely stunned when I discovered they'd taken every toy, bin, box, item of clothing,--you name it--, out and put it in front of their door. They even took off all of Liam's bedding! Honestly, at first I couldn't even get the door open. I stood in the hallway for quite awhile coaxing them to move enough stuff away from the door so that I could at least get in! It literally took Liam and me hours to get the room put back together. Surprisingly, though, this is both a fond and funny memory for me! Boys will be boys!

AaronLiam2013-1 LiamAaron2013

Juliette and Aaron's little sister, Emma, also became quite good friends. Here's a few shots of the girls enjoying one last playdate right before the Browns moved. Sad, sad!

IMG_0662EmmaAaron2013 IMG_0667EmmaAaron2013 IMG_0660EmmaAaron2013
And, of course, I'm missing their mom, Courtney, who was my friend! :( Such is life, though, and we're really happy that they are able to live closer to their family in UT. But know that we miss you, Brownies!


  1. I already told me some of my "comments" in person, but had to get on here and say we miss you guys too. And that mess... I still can't get over that!




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