Monday, September 9, 2013

Isabella's 8th Birthday: Family Dinner

It's definitely hard to believe my baby is eight! Such a special birthday. She is now old enough to be baptized! We are really looking forward to her baptism, which will take place around Christmas time when all of my family from Germany will be in town. We're also planning to bless baby #4 that same day (still can't believe we'll have a new baby soon!). What a memorable Christmas it will be!

But on to this sweet girl of ours! I'm so proud of her, and couldn't love her more! I've noticed so much maturity in her over this last summer. She's always quick to say "yes, mommy!" when I ask her to do things. (Well, most of the time!) She loves to read, do arts and crafts, plan parties, ride her bike, learn about science, eat sweets, go berry picking. She simply ADORES being with her friends and is lucky to have so many. She is definitely a social butterfly, and I think that of the things I just listed, she probably loves being with her friends the most!

She also has a huge interest in learning about the gospel, and I love how attentive she is when we read the Book of Mormon as a family each night. Seems like she's always getting the answers to our questions right! She is a chatterbox and loves to talk and tell me all kinds of things. I need to work on being a better listener. I love that I have a girl that likes to tell me everything!

She felt extremely loved on her birthday. Her Aunt Tina took her out to lunch. She chose McDonalds and had a great time! She was really excited to get some girl Legos from Aunt Tina, too. She's been wanting some of those! Tina was sweet enough to play Legos with the kids for a few hours that afternoon while I finished getting ready for the dinner festivities later that night.

IMG_0694Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0712Isabella's8thBday2013

Right before the birthday dinner, Grandma Rise picked her up and took her shopping at Walmart. I know she had a ball picking out a few birthday gifts with her sweet Grandma.


She got home from her shopping date right before all of her lovely guests arrived. It was especially fun to have Uncle Michael and Aunt Jessica with us from out of town. We've got amazing family who made her feel so loved that evening, as always.

IMG_0718Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0721Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0738Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0798Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0807Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0808Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0881Isabella's8thBday2013
Will and I got her a beach cruiser this year. I love that she's into that sort of thing. Her Aunt Lissie recently got one, and ever since she's had her heart set on one too. She chose pink, and now I want one (probably not pink, though :)) ! I'm excited to take her eight-year-old portraits with it! :)
IMG_0867Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0855Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0857Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0861Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0862Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0865Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0904Isabella's8thBday2013

All day long she had hoped to open a big package from Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Tracy in Germany, but it just didn't work out. We wanted her to open it over Skype, but with the time change and all that she had going on that day, the stars didn't align. You better believe it was the first thing she wanted to do when she woke up the next morning. The package was filled to the brim with books from my childhood, a new dress (which she wears multiple times a week) and an adorable purse. So fun!

IMG_0936Isabella's8thBday2013 IMG_0941Isabella's8thBday2013 Isabella's8thBday2013-8

Lastly, I wanted to mention that Will camped with the kids in the backyard on her birthday eve, hence the tent in some of these pictures. Such a sweet dad! She's been asking to camp in the backyard all summer!

I really think she had a wonderful day. She deserves it. Such an angel she is. Happy birthday, my love!


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! It sounds like she had a perfect day :)

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! It sounds like she had a perfect day :)

  3. Macy is getting a bike for her birthday (shhhhh!) and I was thinking of a pink beach cruiser too! I really love it! Happy Birthday to Bella!




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