Monday, September 23, 2013

Kindergarten Boy!


Liam is our Kindergarten boy now, and he was very much ready for this step. We decided to homeschool Isabella this year, and I considered doing the same for Liam, but ultimately decided Kindergarten would be a great thing for him--and it has been! My friend Misty and I take turns driving Liam and her son to school each morning, and he has loved that. I've loved watching Tyler and Liam become even better friends.

As for getting home each day, I gave Liam the option of me picking him up or him riding the bus home, and after a lot of thought, he decided he wanted to give the bus one try to see if he liked it. It was a hit, so he's mostly taken the bus home each day. It's nice that he and his buddy Tyler can sit by each other. (BTW, Thanks for the pictures, Misty!)


Liam has hardly shown any sign of nervousness about Kindergarten. I think watching Isabella go to school for the last few years took any potential fear and anxiety out of it for him... and for me as well! When I sent Isabella off to school for the first time, it was really scary for me as a mother, but this time around, I was a little sad that he's old enough to go to school, but mostly just excited because I know he is in good hands. He has the same teacher that Isabella had, and we absolutely adore her.

Below Liam and Tyler are off for their classrooms. Misty took these pictures--super cute! I love that Liam is holding the Friend magazine. He wanted to take it to school to look at in the car and on the bus. He also likes to haul around his Lego magazine. He can never seem to get things packed back up quickly enough, though. Still getting used to his giant backpack, I guess. :)


Here are some pictures that I took on the morning of his first day. It took some coaxing to get him to look at the camera, and he flew off the steps when I told him he was done with pictures. He was ready to go! We got to school just as the bell was ringing. I felt a little lame for almost being late on the first day! He didn't want me to walk him to his classroom door, so I just kept myself at a distance and watched him go in. I'm amazed at his confidence and independence. This boy is definitely growing up!
LiamKinder2013-1 IMG_3534Liam's1stDayKinder2013 LiamKinder2013-5 LiamKinder2013-2

Something cute that I remember him telling me when he got home from his first day was along the lines of, "I tried really hard to follow ALL the rules. I only missed one rule. I didn't hear the recess bell to come back inside, but when I saw everybody else going in I went in, too." Very sweet. I know he tries to be a really good boy at school, and I'm sure he is! Gah! I can't believe he's this old!


  1. Oh, he's so adorable. And looks so much like Will to me. I love that he's trying to follow ALL the rules - what a good boy. I can't believe he's old enough to be so independent. But I'm sure he's loving it all :)

  2. He is such a handsome little boy! And so grown up! Sounds like he loves Kindergarten! I have a feeling Cole will love it too when he's old enough :)

  3. So cute! I'm so glad he's enjoying Kindergarten and I'm not one bit surprised that he's full of confidence. You'll have to tell him that Aaron goes in through the "monkey" door at his school too. Fun coincidence! Also, I didn't know that you'd decided to homeschool Isabella. You'll have to post or message me about that sometime. I hope you both enjoy it! :)




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